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Washable Wallpaper

Introducing our washable wallpaper, the perfect fusion of style and practicality for your home decor needs. Crafted with durable materials and innovative technology, our washable wallpapers offer effortless maintenance without compromising on elegance. Spills, stains, and smudges are no match for our high-quality wallpapers, as they can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your walls, perfect choice for any room like living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc. Elevate your space with peace of mind, knowing that your walls are not only stylish but also easy to maintain. Experience the convenience and sophistication of our washable wallpapers, and enjoy a home that looks impeccable day after day.

Washable Wallpaper

Greet and meet our versatile wallpapers to transform your home decor lifestyle forever! Jump through the hassle of dust and the must of time and consuming havoc to the all-time favourite easy wallpaper installation. Leave the stress of maintaining your walls behind by opting for our washable wallpaper. Wipe away your worries and dust out of your wallpaper with a damp cloth—experience many rich-coated luxurious varieties of washable, VOC-free wallpapers and kids- and pets-friendly material. Revitalise the wallpaper’s visual appeal just as on the first day with quick and easy maintenance.                

The Story of Where Washable Wallpaper Commenced 

Dating back to the 1820s, the trend of sanitary wallpapers, aka washable wallpaper, brought a storm of demand in the market with its never-done-before innovation—the blend of enticing art and easy-to-use, innovative technological home decor-washable wallpaper. The requirement for washable wallpaper still stands tall today because of its incredible designs, excellent quality and durability. Washable wallpaper’s secret superpower is its commendable washable feature and versatility. From infusing style in a staircase to a focal view of the living room, wallpaper has stolen the attention and hearts with its simple glimpse.

Enrich your Home with Wow-enderful Washable Wallpapers.

One special ingredient that makes our Washable wallpapers supreme in the world of home decor transformation is their exclusive features and excellent aesthetic appeal. These features have been the key elements in achieving durable home decor. Our washable wallpapers are versatile, reliable, and available in many varieties. Let’s explore where you can best enjoy the alluring beauty of washable wallpapers.

Kid’s Room:

Say goodbye to any wall-stains caused by your kid’s drawings. We introduce you to the miraculous washable wallpaper, rescuing you from any wallpaper failure. Our magical washable wallpaper ensures that it can be returned to normal when washed with a light detergent. Make the ideal ambience for your kids room, where imagination and creativity collaborate.


Design the kitchen of your dreams filled with vibrant colours and mesmerising motifs. Explore the vast landscape of kitchen wallpaper with water-resistant features. Garnish your kitchen with our ethereal washable wallpaper collection. Enjoy wallpaper that fills your kitchen with a desirable vibe by also ensuring excellent durability.

Living room:

Embark on a journey to add flavour as required in your space with our plethora of living room wallpaper designs. Relive the breathtaking moment when your wallpaper was installed with easy maintenance and experience a fresh home decor ambience.


Make your bathroom stylish like never before! Swim into the pool of art with our washable wallpaper collection. Walk into your bathroom where style meets comfort. Create your ambience as an epitome of everlasting beauty, adding a realistic switch to your dream with seamless installation.

Why choose Magicdecor’s Washable Wallpaper?

Step into your vision turned into your abode with Magicdecor. Uncover the magical elements of our washable wallpaper– We craft wallpaper that fits in your place and is the ideal addition that adds a personal touch to your home. The wide range of wallpaper designs allows you to locate a design related to your ambience’s undertone. Our wallpaper is a perfect blend of durable and reliable home decor additions to your space. Our washable wallpaper encourages you to replenish it with easy maintenance. You can simply wash the wallpaper with a light detergent to maintain the everlasting beauty of your decor.

What makes Magicdecor’s Products Magical?

Learn the enchantment of VOC-free, kids and pets friendly in our wallpapers. Our wallpapers create wallpaper that fills your home with colours, patterns, and materials that enhance your lifestyle. We prioritise an experience that pleases you aesthetically and environmentally—our FSC and Nordic ecolabel-certified product leap into a sustainable world. With our washable wallpaper feature, you can leave behind your worries about maintenance and embrace ethereal home decor. Additionally, our pets-and kids-friendly wallpaper ensures a safe environment for you and your family. We make your home transformation journey seamless, intriguing and astonishing with easy installation and maintenance blended with a plethora of art chronicles to elevate your aesthetic.

Embrace Textures into your Walls.

Embed luxury into your walls with textures that bring life to your desired prints and patterns. In the landscape of interior decor, wallpaper for walls with textures have significantly altered the home decor dynamics. From non-woven, premium textured roadies glitter, peel, and stick to mural texture, they can sizzle your space from basic to extraordinary. The pool of textures encourages you to choose a texture that aligns with your desired aesthetic. A wallpaper personalised to your requirements with the ideal textures can take your house’s decor to new heights.

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