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Warli Painting for Wall

Transform your space into a canvas of cultural richness with our Warli Painting for Wall Wallpaper collection. Immerse your walls in the rustic charm of tribal storytelling through intricate geometric patterns. Crafted with precision, these wallpapers encapsulate the essence of Warli art, bringing a touch of tradition and vibrancy to your home.

Welcome to the Enchanting World of Warli Painting Wallpaper Collection at Magic Décor

With Magic Décor’s Warli Painting Wallpaper Collection, which honours the ageless art form of Warli painting, which originates from the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, India, you may set out on a trip that combines the ancient with the modern. 

History of Warli Painting

The picture by Warli, which is said to have been created before 2500 BCE, provides insight into the customs, daily activities, and beliefs of the tribal people. These sacred paintings, which are thought to evoke the powers of the spirits, were made by the Warli tribe. Their simplicity distinguishes them, as they employ geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and circles to create elaborate patterns and realistic scenes of human figures engaged in activities like dancing, hunting, planting, and harvesting. 

Warli Canvas that Speaks Volumes

Warli’s painting is much more than art. It is a language, a medium through which the Warli tribe recorded their poignant tales and robust traditions on the walls of their mud houses. It represents a symbiosis between humans, animals, and nature, promoting a message of equality, sustainability, and coexistence, which harmonises with our ethos at Magic Décor.

Drawing the Warli

Though minimalist, drawing Warli is an art of precision and storytelling. The fundamental shapes – circle, triangle, and square- depict various elements. Circles represent the sun and the moon, triangles derived from mountains and pointed trees, and squares, a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. Human and animal figures are crafted by juxtaposing these shapes, creating an elaborate scene from rudimentary forms. The monochrome palette using rice paste and water with gum as a binding for its original form amplifies the impact of these simplistic forms, revealing stories that are delightfully complex and profound.

Magic Décor’s Warli Wallpaper Collection

Unveil a tapestry that marries the earthiness of Warli painting with the modernity and convenience of Magic Décor’s wallpapers. Our Warli collection encompasses the traditional monochromatic palette and explores a range of vibrant colours and forms that pay respect to the original while offering something refreshingly new.

Immerse your space with patterns that tell tales of ancient gatherings, festive dances, and harmonious living with nature. Crafted sustainably, our eco-friendly, non-toxic wallpapers promise durability, beauty, and a story from the days of yore.

Customise Your Warli Paintings

Infuse your own stories, colours, and dimensions with our customisable options. Tailor-made to your walls and offering the unique advantage of incorporating your designs, our team of expert designers and architects assures that every wall uniquely tells your story.

A Promise of Quality and Sustainability

Upholding a commitment to the planet, our wallpapers are not just crafted with care but are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Dive into an aesthetic experience that is not only visually sumptuous but also assures you of a conscious choice that honours our environment.

Let’s Adorn Your Walls with Warli Stories

Embark on a journey where each pattern unfolds a story, each colour narrates an emotion, and each wallpaper transforms your space into a canvas of tales from the Warli tribe. Explore our collection and allow the walls of your space to be a carrier of ancient traditions crafted sustainably for the modern world.

Avail of Our Exciting Offers

Navigate through the enchanting lanes of Warli tales with our free samples and visualise how these rich stories will enliven your space. Begin the transformation effortlessly with our free installation kit and step into a world where every wall whispers a timeless tale from the heart of the Warli tribe.

Embark, explore, and enthral with Magic Décor’s Warli Painting Wallpaper Collection – where every pattern is a portal to a different time. Every colour tells a story that is ancient yet timeless.

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