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Tile Wallpaper for Wall

Transform your walls with the timeless charm of our Tile Wallpaper for Wall collection. Elevate your space with visually striking designs that emulate the look of traditional tiles. Choose from a variety of patterns and color schemes, creating a stylish and classic ambiance. Redefine your decor with the chic and versatile allure of tile-inspired wallpapers, bringing a touch of sophistication to your walls.

Magic Décor Tile Wallpaper For Wall

Embark on a journey through time and witness the splendid amalgamation of historic elegance and contemporary sustainability with Magic Décor’s Tile Wallpaper Collection.

Tile Wallpaper for Walls

The exquisite tile artwork that adorns the walls of ancient civilisations serves as the inspiration for tile wallpaper. Tile artistry has been an enduring medium to tell stories, depict cultural aesthetics, and present luxury in various eras and regions throughout history, from the elaborate mosaics of Ancient Greece and Rome to the intricate ceramic tiles of the Islamic world and the iconic Delft tiles of the Netherlands.

The origins of tile wallpaper can be found in the Victorian era when wallpaper imitations of tile designs offered a more accessible, reasonably priced, and easily customisable option than genuine ceramic tiles. 

This ingenious decor solution enabled households of all means to partake in the timeless beauty of tiled interiors, sparking a design revolution that has evolved and thrived through the centuries to the present day.

Customised Wallpapers according to Your Choice

Magic Décor doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Your spaces are unique, and they deserve a unique touch! Our tailor-made wallpapers are crafted to mirror your specific wall sizes, ensuring a seamless fit and creating a tailored aesthetic like a second skin for your rooms. Dream it, and our expert designers and architects will help weave your design fantasies into a tangible, breathtaking reality, stamping your personal touch onto every square inch.

The Magic Décor Difference

At Magic Décor, we combine our dedication to sustainability, the health of our environment, and the welfare of our clients with the rich heritage of tile artistry to elevate it. The regal geometry of Moroccan tiles and the pastoral grace of old European designs are just two examples of the many tile design epochs and styles that our eco-friendly, non-toxic wallpapers pay respect to. 

Why choose Magic Décor’s Tile Wallpaper for Walls?

Eco-Friendly Style

We pridefully select designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. You may adorn your area without hurting the environment because our wallpapers use sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. 

Health-Conscious Decor

Choose wallpapers that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Our non-toxic wallpaper options guarantee that your home remains safe without compromising style and aesthetic appeal.

Effortless Installation and Adaptation

Magic Décor believes in empowering our customers. Our free installation kit and easy-to-follow guides make it a breeze for you to revamp your spaces, while our range of designs ensures that there is always a style to suit your aesthetic and mood.

Taste Before You Choose

Making sense of the many design options should be inspirational and stress-free. We provide free samples so you can see and feel the quality, texture, and style of the wallpaper in your home before deciding. 

Wallet-Friendly Luxury

Delight in the luxury of tile designs at a fraction of the cost and hassle of natural tiles. Our wallpapers deliver luxury and durability without breaking the bank and are easy to change, ensuring your décor can evolve alongside your tastes.


Step into a world where the past and present dance in a delicate balance of tradition and innovation with our Tile Wallpaper Collection. Enrich your walls with tales of ancient artistry, all while basking in the comfort of modern, sustainable, and health-conscious décor. Let every panel speak volumes of your sophisticated taste and conscientious choices, only with Magic Décor.

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