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Music Wallpaper for Walls

Designed for music enthusiasts worldwide, our Music wallpaper for walls exudes and creates a magical ambience for your home. Awaiting to transform your space into a new aesthetic in a few minutes. The vibrant colours, enticing motifs, and meticulous designs create the ideal wallpaper to level up your home to the next level. Enrich your home decor by optimising music wallpaper for walls to indulge the beauty of music captured by our wallpaper designs. From eye-catching patterns to enchanting prints, Magicdecor’s wide range of wallpaper designs encourages you to find the one that harmoniously fits your home decor.










Music Wallpaper for Walls

Dive into the pool of music wallpaper designs to find the ideal illuminating wallpaper according to the undertone of your home.

Where can you apply wallpapers?

Wallpapers are versatile and have the potential to set a new aura for any space. It can easily be installed on ceilings, stairs, tables, shelves, dining, bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else with a plain surface that requires a little more visually appealing factor. With Magicdecor’s premium quality wallpapers, you can enhance your home, with the sky (and your imagination) being the limit!

Natural and VOC-Free: 

Our wallpapers reflect our personalities and our dedication to a greener world. We use environmentally friendly, VOC-free materials that provide clean, breathable air for your loved ones. Being non-toxic, our wallpapers are kids and pet-safe. 

Plethora of Designs: 

We know each house is unique, and each homeowner has different tastes. Our vast collection of wallpaper designs will help you find the perfect design for your room.  

Material Choices:

We offer a range of materials, including premium textured, peel and stick, non-woven, mural textured, and roadies glitter, allowing you to choose the perfect material for your space.

Sample Orders:

Our goal is for our clients to make a systematic and informed decision. Before buying, you can always place an order so we can be on the same page regarding your delightful wallpaper and the available material choices.


Magicdecor’s customised wallpapers allow you to get your design going by simply uploading your favourite photo or design. Once your order is placed, our design team will work with you to bring your designs to life on your walls. We firmly believe that if the design can be conceptualised, it can also be shown in your space.

Odourless Water-Based Green Ink: 

You no longer need to worry about offensive scents in your house. We utilise safe, odourless, water-based green

Paper with FSC Certification:

We utilise paper that has earned FSC certification as part of our commitment to sustainability. You will be encouraging proper forest management by selecting Magic Decor.

Nordic Ecolabel Certified: 

This certification further reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and attests to the sustainability of our products. 

Design Assistance:

Every wallpaper you order at Magicdecor comes with a dedicated design service. This ensures a seamless visualisation of your design requirements on your walls. Our designers can assist you in colour correction, image resizing, photo cropping as well as in adjusting elements from your design as per your preference.


We offer a 3-year warranty on our water-resilient wallpapers, serving visual and durable excellence in one plate. You can also wipe down our wallpapers with a damp sponge to clean off any dirt or dust.


We deliver across pan India, and deliveries to metro cities in India take 5-12 working days from the date of dispatch. Customers can also opt for getting their orders expedited for delivery within 4-7 working days by choosing the same at the time of placing their order.


All wallpaper orders at Magicdecor can be cancelled for a 100% refund (no questions asked!) before it enters production. To cancel an order, simply drop a message on [WhatsApp] or call – [1800 212 9972].

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