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Steps for wallpaper application

This manual describes the essential steps to apply the wallpaper rolls. Please follow this manual to understand how to apply our custom-printed wall murals.

Your wallpaper order will also contain a detailed installation guide which you can follow to install the wallpapers.

1. The Non-Woven Mixture

Ensure that the wallpaper rolls are in proper condition without any defect or damage. The non-woven mixture is used as an adhesive to apply the wallpapers.

2. Length of the Wallpaper

The wallpapers are installed from left to right and it is initiated by applying from the left corner of your wall. The sheets should be hung from one edge to the other without causing any overlapping. Please ensure the first length of the wallpaper is vertically straight.

3. Remove the Air Bubbles

Make sure to remove any air bubbles after pasting one sheet. Removing the air bubbles gives the wallpapers a smooth texture as well as a finished appearance.

4. Applying the Paste

Apply the non-woven mixture onto the wall and secure every inch of the wall is covered with the paste. If any of the spots are missed out, it will create air bubbles in the wallpaper sheets. The wallpapers need to be pasted in one area and should cover one and a half lengths at one go.

5. Repeat the process

Ensure that the wallpaper rolls are in proper condition without any defect or damage. The non-woven mixture is used as an adhesive to apply the wallpapers.

6. Cleaning the Surface

After the application, the entire wallpapers need to be cleaned. While applying make certain that the non-woven paste doesn’t damage the front of the wallpaper. If there is a situation like this, the excess paste should be removed immediately using a wet wallpaper sponge.

7. Cut away excess portions

Once the application of the wallpaper is complete, remove the extra portions of the sheets from the ceiling and floor.

For removing the excess parts use a sharp knife preferably the one form our installation kit. In the end, the room should be left ventilated and should be kept at a normal temperature for 24 hours to allow the wallpaper to dry easily.

Wallpapers look perfect on the walls when the surface is smooth, clean with no unevenness and moisture on it.

The wallpaper sheets are directly pulled towards the ceiling at the time of application. They should hang straight and forcing the strips together should be avoided. If there is any problem during the application, it is better to remove the strips and reattach the sheets again if the edges do not meet.

Creating the mixture

  1. A bucket is used for creating the mixture.
  2. The package which contains the Adhesive content is poured into the bucket and Four liters of cold water is mixed into it
  3. The content is mixed for 30 seconds and again after 3 minutes, it is stirred.
  4. After 15 minutes, a final stir is given to the mixture and it is ready to use.

Product FAQ & Important Tips

Your wallpapers will last for many years in an average environment. Cleaning the wall before installation is key to making a mural last for years to come.

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