From the start of time, gold has held a pivotal value in the community because of its allure, metallic qualities, and a token of power. As the wave of time passed, many things changed, but the value of gold only progressed. Be it jewellery or an investment that never depreciates, gold’s demand only echoes louder in the market.

As rich as gold, there exists a tale of a Japanese shogun warrior who was distraught when his favourite tea cup broke. He requested the craftsman to fix it by restoring it to its original beauty. The craftsman joined the pieces with a mixture of resin and gold, creating a broken, timeless beauty. This method became popular as “kintsugi”, aka “to join with gold”. It incorporates the fact that indulging in gold texture can transform the atmosphere of any space.

Embrace the timeless allure of gold, which adds a dash of opulence. With our recent launch of gold texture, your home can also exude an aura of luxury and richness. Embark on a journey where you swipe through our designs layered with elegance by our golden texture.


Breathe in the pure breeze of divinity where lord Rama’s grace enters your pooja room. Through our Manmohak wallpaper adorned with gold, celebrate the presence of Ayodha’s Lord Ram.

The fusion of divinity and mesmerising texture is evident in the gold-textured Manmohak wallpaper, which adds up to be the perfect addition to your pooja room. It is best suited as the backdrop in a pooja room.

What makes our gold-embossed Manmohak special is its ability to brighten up space because of its intricate detail and exquisite texture. Additionally, this wallpaper contrasts nicely with plain walls and a dash of warm light.

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White Beauty Gold Marble Texture

Are you someone who is fond of a marble touch? Say hello to our white beauty gold marble wallpaper. From a premium spa to luxurious hotels, our white gold textured wallpaper is all prepared to add the magic of a classic touch.

Its elegant features make it more suitable to be used as an accent wall. It can be well-coordinated with plain white furniture items. With the golden glow twist, walk into a space that is weaved with a grandeur spice.

Create the perfect high-end interior decor aesthetic easily with our white gold textured wallpaper, which is the secret to a sophisticated touch in your desired space.

White Beauty Gold Marble Texture Mural Wallpaper

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Vrindavan Golden Heritage Garden

Showcase the charismatic beauty of Vrindavan embraced with gold texture. Bedazzle your space with detailed designs, hues, and motifs, adding intriguing a visual interest.

Our Vrindavan golden heritage with golden texture is an elite look filled with meticulously crafted gold-polished patterns. Because of its enticing features, it is an ideal addition to your home as a living room wallpaper.

Attract everyone’s attention with our rich Vrindavan wallpaper as a focal view for your abode. Bring the true beauty of your wall by placing it with plants and in natural light through gold’s simple glitter that can glow the brightest. You can also use an earthy undertone to bring life to your living room aesthetic.

Vrindavan Golden heritage Garden, Customized

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Glimpse Of Serenity

Are you someone who is always in awe of nature? Check out our glimpse of serenity, which allows you to infuse a lush and rich vibe into your ambience, which is what you are looking for.

Imagine feeling a luxurious atmosphere with a simple installation that saves you a time-consuming makeover. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With our gold-layered texture of banana leaves wallpaper, this dream can now come true!

A proper estimate of gold weaved with different shades of colour and hues is an excellent option to indulge in a blend of sophistication and serenity. Calm your soul and prepare to be captivated by the soothing beauty of our glimpse of serenity with a golden texture.

Glimpse of Serenity, Banana Leaves Shades of Peace Wallpaper Mural

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Golden Mountain and Moon Wallpaper

Upgrade your home decor to an aesthetic where elegance peaks with gold. Step into a high-end undertone and enjoy the luxury of minimalist yet sophisticated impact.

You can enjoy the starry moon night beauty with gold texture, incorporating class into your space. With our golden mountain and moon wallpaper, you can easily create a space that embodies the beauty of nature with a golden texture.

You can easily set a premium tone featuring a minimalist nature layered with gold. You can also use rugs with darker tones to complete the look.

Golden Mountain and Moon Wallpaper Mural

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In conclusion, our plethora of designs and golden texture are crucial tools to help you create a luxurious vibe like never before! No matter what design you choose, our golden texture infuses a royal touch that transforms the atmosphere of your ambience.

Furthermore, with our easy-to-install wallpapers ensure a seamless makeover for any desired space, saving you from the hassle of dusty and time-consuming home revamps. Now, infusing richness into your wall is possible with our array of designs and golden texture, which are preparing to turn your space into a visual allure.