A few words from a Graphic designer:

Antonio Remus is an Afro-American graphic designer based in Chicago. He gave us the opportunity to decorate his workspace with our wall mural collection “Hope”. As he says, choosing wallpapers can be really tedious sometimes. You need to find wallpaper that suits your mood and makes the space enough energetic for you to work more enthusiastically than before. His work is really delicate and fun for him. He asked us for a collaboration, to give some of his ideas a life. We are so very excited to work with him, to know what suits a graphic designer and his space. We took a dive into his life, to know what he does to make sure our wall murals are ready to go with his taste.

What do you have to say to them who are hesitant for wallpapers?

Wallpapers are simply great. It’s an awesome way of giving a rejuvenating touch to your home and workspace. For someone whose whole world revolves around designs, patterns, and colors, wallpapers are a way to gain a new perspective. I always keep looking for a peep-hole to look at the world from the other side. For someone who is hesitant about wallpapers should hire a professional and believe it worth giving a shot. You don’t want to spend on beautiful wallpaper and ruin it while installing it, Do you? Magicdecor ® is worth the money you spent. Its custom-sized and pre-cut patterns make it so easy for installation. The best part you do it all, it’s so easy for installing, and believe me when I say it’s a fun thing to do.

Why did you choose “Hope” for your walls?

A beautiful wall mural of our "Hope" collection.
Wallpaper : Hope collection

I felt a strong pull the moment I saw the design. Sometimes it’s like a call from inside which helps you choose things. I knew this would make walls look majestic and no-doubt I was correct. The patterns go so well with my interior creating the ambiance I need for my workspace. The need for wallpaper is different for different homes, it depends on the intention. For a small powder, you might just want to wallpaper all the walls, even the ceiling if needed; whereas for big spaces you may need to add an accent.

Wallpaper : Hope collection

Would you like to give us another chance in the near future to decorate your home?

I would love to work with Magicdecor ® again in the near future; as there is no end to imagination thus there is no end to the ideas for wallpapers. I loved your “Sakura” and “Pantone” collections of yours. They are some extempore use of ideas and imaginations of your creative team. I am looking forward to letting you rejuvenate my space again and as long as there is a custom wallpaper section I can’t just rest my ideas.

Tell us some of your inspirations:

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