Art conveys emotions where language fails to do so. Art holds the potential to capture a moment from unique perspectives. Since ancient times, art has been an eminent part of seizing significant historical moments, celebrating and passing ancestral ways of capturing life through simplicity. In this blog, immerse yourself in the realm of transcending art, prepared to leave you in awe of its ethereal beauty. With the help of this blog, experience the story of each piece of art style.


Abstract art has won hearts across the world due to its ability to represent movements, emotions, and aura through art since the 1930s. In other words, abstract art style is a way to portray a perspective through your lenses. Step into a new transcending realm with abstract art that transports you to beauty in its most authentic form.

The wave of abstract art style reached the beginning of its highest peak in 1930 post-war when artists rejected figuration and embraced abstract art with the influence of European modernism. The abstract art took everyone’s breath away with its unique appearance, which is very different from the actual visual appearance of the model in the real world.


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Watercolour art has been dominating the world since ancient times. Watercolour art is defined as when paint is pigmented in a water solution. This art style has been in trend since forever due to its high contributions to Indian, Japanese and Chinese art history.

Descending from the most ancient ages where to seize a moment through art, watercolour art has impacted majorly with its simple elegance in palaeolithic art and the Renaissance age, and ever since. It has significantly influenced the ways of artistic history. Its pigmented visual appearance, light brush strokes, and watercolour’s fluid painting style can be easily distinguished, which exudes a unique vision.

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Cubism Art:

Cubism art portrays the subject through geometrical shapes. Louis Vauxellcex named this art style in the 20th century, established in 1907 th century. Paul Cezanne is considered to be the father of cubism art style. It was also considered a revolutionary art style in the 20th century.

Cubism art was a simple yet intriguing artistic style that stole everyone’s attention with its enchanting features. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, made by Pablo Picasso in 1907, is one of the most iconic paintings people still remember.

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Fantasy Art:

Fantasy art is everything you expect when you hear the word ‘fantasy art”. From every surreal mythological realm to an ethereal dream can be brought to life through fantasy art. Art can teleport you to your wildest imagination infused with painting. It is significantly based on incorporating fantasy and reality together through art.

The vibrant colours, intrinsic details, and eye-catching visions leave everyone in awe with its stunning visual aesthetic. This art style quickly reached its peak, allowing artists to escape and step into a world of their dreams and visions.

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Impressionism Art:

Capturing the glimpses of a day-to-day life scenario they perceive, embracing how light ambience can transform a space. The word ‘Impressionism art’ is derived from how a scenario leaves an impression on the artist; that’s why the artists are called impressionist art.

Initially, this art style was founded by a group of artists in 1847, but the wave of this style arose in the 1900s. One of the other important reasons why the impressionism art style stole the attention of artists all over the world was because of its distinctive features, unblended colour, light brush strokes, and how light impacted the way we perceive the universe.

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Dadaism art form grew in popularity in Zurich, Switzerland, in response to the terror of World War 1 that scarred the world forever. Dadaism  simply referred to an art style, standing against all the written rules and displaying art through their unique painting style.

When we get further into it, the name ‘dada’ literally means ‘hobby horse’ in French. The whole concept of Dadaism revolves around the fact that art can be expressed by following no rules that have already been made.

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Concluding everything that has been stated so far, art styles have been one of the prominent ways through which people could uniquely express themselves. Since the start of time, art styles have been part and parcel of our lives and, still to this day, is a crucial part through which one can express and capture a memory. Diving through all over the world and reminiscing about art styles embraces the fact that art has been in our day-to-day life from the beginning.