Wallpaper gives any space vibrancy, style, colour, and freshness.  These come in various designs, patterns, forms, hues, and textures. Since wallpaper can make or ruin your home decor style, picking a piece that goes with your space is essential.

Therefore, if you’re considering giving your walls some personality and wondering which brand of wallpaper is the best, here’s a quick read as to why you should choose Magicdecor if you are considering wallpapering your home.

We offer various choices and high-quality wallpapers in multiple styles that can give personality to any space, from elaborate prints to timeless patterns.

Personalised Home Visits

Customers can schedule home visit consultations where our representative would visit the home as part of our personalised in-home service. You can book a consultation with us whenever works best for you, and we will make sure a representative visits your house. As part of this service, you can view wallpaper samples, get design advice, get your wall measurements taken, and get help with any questions about home decor during these visits. With the ease and professional advice within this customised service, you can choose and install wallpaper easily and enjoyably.

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Order a Sample Booklet

We understand that choosing the perfect wallpaper texture is crucial, which is why we offer our customers the opportunity to touch and feel each texture firsthand. Our sample booklet is vital to deciding which texture suits your space best. With this booklet, you can dive into the world of textures and let your fingertips guide you to the perfect choice for your home. With us, it’s not just about seeing – it’s about experiencing the magic of texture, one touch at a time.

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Vast Product Library

Our extensive product library goes beyond wallpapers. We offer a diverse range of other products as well. In addition to the stunning wallpapers, we also have wallpaper rolls, roller blinds and canvas. With our roller blinds, you can find the perfect window coverings, ensuring an elegant solution for privacy, light control and aesthetic enhancement.

We also offer canvas to give any space a dash of artistic flair. You can display your favourite artworks and memories in style with our canvas prints, whether you’re more into colourful landscapes, abstract designs, or personalised photos.

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Commitment To Sustainability

We manufacture environment friendly wallpapers free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOC-free wallpapers are a responsible option for customers who care about the environment because they lower harmful emissions and improve indoor air quality. Customers who choose our eco-friendly wallpapers can have gorgeous decor while minimising their ecological footprint.

Odourless Water-based Ink

We use odourless water-based ink, unlike conventional wallpapers that could smell strongly of chemicals. With the help of this cutting-edge ink formulation, unpleasant odours are eliminated, and indoor air quality is improved, making living spaces safer and cosier. Buyers can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wallpaper without the unpleasant chemical odours by selecting our odourless wallpapers.

Customisation Options

By allowing customers to print the wallpaper’s design directly onto roller blinds and canvas,  we go above and beyond what is typically offered in the wallpaper market. With the help of this cutting-edge feature, clients can design a unified and pleasant aesthetic throughout their living area. Imagine seamlessly incorporating your decor theme from wall to window by applying your favourite wallpaper design. With our bespoke roller blinds or canvas, you can be as creative as possible. Our team will execute your ideas with accuracy and meticulous attention to detail.

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Hassle-Free Installation Services

We not only offer exceptional home decor items but also provide hassle-free wallpaper installation services. Our products are delivered to PAN India & globally, ensuring a seamless customer experience. You can relax as our team assists you in giving hassle-free installation services. All you have to do is give us an installation-ready wall and watch as the magic unfolds. Our wallpaper will transform your wall from boring to beautiful, and you will be thrilled with the fantastic outcome.

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