Wallpapers have become extremely popular in the world of interior designing. These can be used anywhere a person wants but it is widely popular for home décor. A home is a place where a person finds all the happiness and peace he/she desires. No matter where a person travels in the end, the person wants to come back home.

People spend a lot of money on building a home, improving their interiors, and decorating it the way they desire. This involves a great architectural plan and an extraordinary interior design. Traditional methods of construction are coming to an end. In the year 2021 people want more advanced features and materials to be equipped in their homes.


There has been a lot of advancement regarding the interior design of the houses. Be is the furniture, lighting, accessories, and the color of their walls. Modern paints work miraculously and give a good touch to the interior décor, but they don’t match the aura of the specially designed wallpapers. Along with our homes, people are choosing these magical sheets for other places like Hospitals, Spas, Salons, Offices, Universities, Restaurants, and many more.

Wallpapers are not always printed through old-school manual methods. Many skilled graphic designers design these sheets on customer demand make them with perfection using various tools. To know more about the graphics and the designers involved in the process, click here. These designs are then sent to the processing units and then the customers get their desired choices. People have a notion that wallpapers might make their house look artificial or overly decorated. In reality, the truth differs from all the myths around. Some of those myths are discussed below.

Wallpapers carry an extravagance décor that enlightens the house. It also gives a royal look despite any wallpaper chosen by the customer. Paintings have a time limit up until which they look good but later the colors and the textures fade away.

Mental wellness has the uttermost importance in today’s world. The world of wallpaper is huge and it has a huge impact on the physical and mental well-being of people.


With the correct color shade and theme, a person can get a calm vibe as soon as he/she enters his home. People need to break the stereotypes of using the same old-fashioned colors and use new ideas and implement them in their homes to make them exceptional and extraordinary.

Due to this pandemic, people have become restless and want a change in their lives. A small renovation like this always helps to cheer up one’s mood and give them a sensation of calmness and relaxation. Not only Mental Wellness, but Wallpapers also do help in physical wellness too. The components used in the manufacturing of wallpapers do not create any health issues related to breathing or respiration.

To understand about Vintage Wallpapers:

Myths linked with Wallpapers:

  1. They lose their texture within a few months of application.
  2. They peel off as soon as they get moisture.
  3. Applying wallpapers takes a lot of time and money.
  4. The process of application of wallpapers is difficult and creates several respiratory diseases.

There are many more myths related to these and their application. Thankfully, with our designs and quality, many of our customers have helped us to prove these myths to be wrong.

It’s high time that people understand the importance of wallpapers and improve their Home Décor and Interiors with these beautiful, magical sheets.