India is known for its diversity, culture, and remarkable history. With the help of art, every state in India has obtained and maintained the gist of its rich history through the form of different types of paintings. It’s vital to note that paintings are not only art forms but carry stories, unique narratives, and lifestyles of that specific period. Throughout the years, art forms have evolved, from paintings to majestic wallpapers embodying India’s true essence.

Let’s jump into this blog to understand the different types of paintings in India that will lighten up your home:

  • Madhubani

Madhubani paintings, also known as Mithila paintings, originated from the Mithila district. There’s a legend that says Madhubani paintings were utilised to seize a glimpse of the holy marriage of Lord Ram and Sita at the request of King Janak. These paintings are famous for their vibrant colours and geometrical designs and are known to capture the moments of religious events and celebrations. These paintings usually used natural colours with bamboo sticks, fingers, and twigs. Madhubani paintings are famous for captivating attention with their intricate design and entailing a story.

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  • Warli

Warli’s painting is one of India’s most famous ancient paintings, curated by an ancient tribe called the Warli tribe. Originating in Maharashtra, Warli’s painting displays a simple way of life, curating a serene undertone in your home decor. This painting was traditionally made with rice paste and twigs on walls. As the Warli tribe was closer to nature, the paintings unveil the simple lifestyle of the tribes using geometric shapes significantly. In addition, shapes have a remarkable meaning, as a circle represents the moon and sun, and a triangle represents mountains and trees. In comparison, the central motif displays the tribal goddess Palaghat. Infuse a tranquil aura into your desired living space that has never been this easy by adding abundant culture folklore art pieces.

In addition, an artist, Jivya Somi Mashe, has also received the Padma Shri award for his intriguing Warli art paintings.

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  • Tanjore Painting

Tanjore paintings derived from South India, Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, have taken everyone’s breath away with their unique art style. It depicts the legendary stories from Hindu epics, Puranas, and other sacred religious texts in a South Indian painting style decorated with gold, vibrant colours, and jewels. Furthermore, in Tanjore’s paintings, one can also see the local influence of Maratha and European styles, making them a premium choice to add to your home decor because of their majestic look and features.

  • Kalighat

With their bold colour, intrinsic design, and primary palette, Kali Ghat paintings have caused a revolution in demand since the 1900s. Originating from Kaligat, West Bengal, Kali ghat paintings were made by artists who shortened their art forms into one singular frame instead of their multiple frames of art form, forming the minimalistic yet intriguing Kali ghat painting we have today. The art displays the stories of Hindu epic stories and other unique narratives. You can obtain the essence of Kalighat designs in your home by opting for the plethora of Kalighat wallpaper designs or canvas. It adds a creative touch to your home and elevates your interior design with artistic designs.

  • Phad

Phad painting originates from Shahpura, Rajasthan; its exceptional beauty has captured everyone’s attention. Phad painting’s legacy dates back 700 years when the art form’s journey began. It’s a scroll form that depicts the stories of local Hindu deities and heath-thundering battle stories. The intrinsic detail in the painting is to explain every aspect of the story in the phad, offering a visual interpretation of the stories for the audience. The phad maintenance is made with natural colours, and the palette mainly consists of yellow, green, red, blue and back colours. Such a painting style can play an excellent role in depicting a story close to your heart in your home by opting for Phad design wallpaper.

  • Pattachitra

The word Pattachitra is derived from Sanskrit, Patta meaning cloth, and Chitra meaning painting. It is one of the oldest forms of scroll art in Odisha Bengal, displaying arrays of ancient stories, such as Lord Jagganath and Krishna—Pattachitra’s extensive detail in art and use of bold natural colours. It is also said that the same art form can be found in the Jagannath Puri temple. In this art style, we can always find decorative borders and close scenes depicting scenes from Hindu epics. This type of painting can bring a touch of Odisha’s rich culture tapestry into your home. Infusing folk paintings has never been this exciting with the significant contributions of diverse wallpapers.

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