You have heard about wallpapers having some benefits, right? Do they reduce your electricity consumption? Yes, they do! But do you know how wallpaper can help you reduce your electricity bill? 

Don’t we all have enough EMIs and other expenses? High electricity bills are another load on us. But we can’t live without them, especially in extreme weather conditions like summers and winters. These two seasons see a surge in electricity consumption. And, we all can agree that electricity charges are rising, and so are our bills. 

Wallpapers can be used for thermal insulation, which can control your room temperature. Below, we have discussed how wallpapers can help you reduce your electricity bills. But before that, let’s know what thermal wallpaper is. 

What is an Energy-Saving Wallpaper?

Did you know that wallpapers can have many different usages? Apart from being a home decor product, thermal wallpaper can regulate your room’s heat. So, what is thermal wallpaper after all? It is a special kind of wallpaper that adds an extra insulative layer to your home’s walls. 

Thermal wallpapers use a heat-securing material that binds with high-quality linen paper. It ensures that your room temperature stays comfortable during all seasons. Thanks to the extra layer, it prevents heat from entering your room during summer and keeps your room cool. 

Likewise, it stops heat from escaping your room during winter. Thus, it keeps your room cool in summer and warm in winter. 

How Does it Reduce Your Electricity Bills?

Now that you know what thermal wallpaper is, you might be interested to know how it actually helps. So, how does thermal wallpaper reduce your electricity bill? Wallpapers play a massive role in temperature control. They work as insulation between the outer wall and inner wall of your room. 

First, you have to understand that your room temperature and outside temperature are not the same. It can create a lot of differences. So, what happens? You have some rooms whose walls face the sun directly. When the outside temperature is already high during summer, heat flows through these walls into your room and makes it hotter.

Likewise, when the outside temperature is low during winter, inside heat escapes through the wall, making your room a lot colder. So, how does it increase your electricity consumption? 

Well, the equation is quite simple. When your inside temperature is high, your air conditioner will work harder to make it low. On the other hand, when the inside temperature gets low, you’ll need powerful heating to heat it up. 

So how does thermal wallpaper help? A thermal wallpaper works as an insulator between the layers. It slows down the heat transmission and maintains a favorable temperature in your room for a longer time. Thus, it lowers your power consumption, saving you a lot on your electricity bills. 

Benefits of Using a Wallpaper

The world has many ways to surprise you. Technology has these even more. It aims to ease our suffering by ensuring our comfort. But, if you had only thought that wallpapers would only reduce your electricity consumption, then you only saw one part. So come one, let us take you to the other parts of it. There are many other benefits of installing wallpaper in your room. We have enlisted some of these below. 

  1. Makes Your Living Comfortable

Summers and winters can sometimes be ruthless. Almost all of us can remember those scorching summer days, sweating like anything. And what about those wintery cold days when you can’t think of getting out of your blanket? 

You can always have an air conditioner or heater on. But, those would only increase your electricity bills. 

Wallpaper works as a layer. It slows down the heat transmission from in and out of your room and maintains a favourable temperature inside. Thus, it makes your living easier and more comfortable. With thermal wallpaper installed, you will feel relaxed in summer and warm in winter. 

  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint

We all know that conventional energy sources are gradually ending. Soon, there will be no natural resources left if we keep wasting energy like this. Reducing carbon footprint means reducing electricity usage. Some concerned people have already turned to clean energy. Others are preferring less electricity consuming products. 

But the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing electricity consumption. We have previously said that summer and winter see the highest electricity consumption. Hence, by using energy-efficient insulation like wallpaper, you can quickly go green. 

  1. Say No to Damp and Mold

You wouldn’t ever want damp or mold on your walls, would you? They look utterly dirty and take away all the beauty of your room. But this is a common problem in almost every household, especially during monsoon. Yet, did you know that wallpaper can stop it from happening? 

Walls with a surface temperature cooler than the ambient temperature cause condensation. The wet air then breeds nasty mold formations on it. Wallpaper can prevent this from happening by increasing the surface temperature to match the ambient temperature. It also makes the wall more breathable. 

  1. Enhances Your Room Decor

Did you know that your room decor plays a vital role in your mental health? Apart from just saving your electricity bills, wallpapers can bring real change to your home decor. These wallpapers are available in many varieties and designs. You can pick from your favorite color to your favorite design and apply them to your wall. 

You can also implement some smart decor ideas using these wallpapers. It can also hide your cracked walls or others marks, making your room look all the more vibrant. With the proper choice of color and design, you can get more light in your room than ever. 

  1. Affordable

The best part about installing wallpapers is that they are extremely affordable. If you compare the price to an air conditioner or heater, you would be amazed. They don’t cost you anything like those. So, you can always buy them and install them easily. 

  1. Easy DIY Installation

You won’t require a technician or some professional to install wallpaper in your room. The process is so simple that you can do it yourself. However, your merchant may send you some instructions that you can follow. Yet, if you want some help, you can always call your friends or some other people. 


The modern world is totally dependent on electricity. Some hours without it seem like forever. But, none of us likes paying the huge electricity bills at the end of the month. So, the best way is to reduce consumption. 

We understand that things can be pretty challenging in summers and winters. But a wallpaper can regulate the temperature and maintain a cozy temperature indoors. This is how wallpaper can help you reduce your electricity bill and offer you an intelligent living.