With the rise in modernization among the corporate culture and Startup ecosystem around us, the demand for millennial and modern office decor among office spaces has risen significantly. So, to fulfill those demands, there has been a spike in office wallpapers. So let’s take a look around at how we can reinvent the office spaces that we have.

Office Decor 1: The Boss and The Bourgeoise

Now, In any corporate ecosystem, we have private offices for the people in authority. Irrespective of our level of modernization and where we exist in the authority chain, we know them as bosses. The Murals need to represent inspiring, commanding and bearing the responsibilities and give away the orders. They are the Managers, the Executives, The CEOs, The CFOs, CMOs, etc. Reinventing their decor and providing them with a sense of corporate authority via the environment had never been easier, thanks to the endless selection of wallpapers that match the Vibe of it.

Office Decor 2: A Space for The Pace

This place is for the team meetings, the live hustles, the group discussions, the workplaces where the teams meet to discuss projects, consignments, movements,campaigns, or strategies. This is the space for the pace. Quotable corporate lines, brightcolors, motivating images, brainstorming hues are a staple of this location.

Office Decor 3: Desks and Cabins of Function

This Space is for the hive of the workspace. The actual core of the office space is represented by those individuals sitting in front of those computer screens and being responsible for an organization’s major value addition.

Office Decor 4: The Waiting Walls

The entrance halls, waiting rooms, receptionist chambers, and the coffee hubs of an organization provide more value to the office space than we give it credit for. They are meant for the powerful, the worthy, the patient, and the enthusiastic. They demand attention because oftentimes they act as the gateway to that office space that we have
created and what it represents.

Bright, popping colored Mural Designs for amazingly exciting desks and a workable corporate environment.(Office Decor 3)

Office Decor 5: The Corporate Council Room

Or better known as “The Meeting Rooms”. These are places where important decisions
are made. These places decide the fate of a company’s future, present, and past. These
rooms ooze power and importance just like the people being present inside them.

The Home Office

The most important office space. Someone rightly said ‘Real change begins at home.
Hence your study and your work desks deserve the attention of that of a real

In a Nutshell

We understand the importance of Vibrancy and power to a proper working space and enabling the proper murals for the location inside an office can not only enhance the office experience, but also improve productivity and efficiency of the office space.