In a fast-moving world like this if you miss a moment you miss an opportunity and you can’t afford missing out on opportunities, a freelancing content writer like Micheal Rodriguez knows this damn well. Micheal works as a content writer for many companies, and his inputs in the company products play a major role in their sales. We know by now you would understand that his work makes a big difference. A guy like Micheal can’t afford a creative block, as we know great minds overcome blocks.

What is a Creative block?

Creative blocks are barriers to one’s inspiration. It can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. Those who are in creative professions such as writers, musicians, painters, artists; are often more likely to experience one. This may sound funny but is a real serious condition for the person. This affects the productivity of the artist and this can last for days, weeks, months, or even years.

What causes a Creative block?

Creative blocks are more common than they seem. The main reason behind this is the fear of imperfection and rejection. For an artist, acceptance matters a lot and so does perfection. An inferiority complex, a feeling that you are less gifted than others and your ideas suck are some common reasons for this. There are many creatives who consider themselves as perfectionists, which most of the time prevents them from pursuing and completing projects. Perfection is a notion; you must not need anyone to make you feel perfect. Creatives have an insatiable urge to be perfect with their idea as well as the work and sometimes things don’t just work out as we imagine.

So Micheal, how did you deal with your block?

It isn’t easy to deal with your creative block.  People usually go on trips, take a little detour from their everyday lives. Some just pick up a hobby; some just try cooking new dishes just for a change of taste. But for a guy like me, I love going to new places and trying the local food. Yes, I don’t know how the experience might be, but that’s the idea of change for me. But this pandemic hit me hard and I had lots of creative blocks for months. I couldn’t go on trips, no new places, and no new scenes but my regular boring life. 

A wallmural to refresh your mood and upgrade your space.
Wallpaper : City lights

Magicdecor ® came to my rescue and then I realized that I can’t visit new places, I’ll bring them to me. With the magnificent and surreal wall murals, you won’t just feel the difference, yes I agree it’s not like taking the trip but it bought me a whole new experience. I didn’t just buy wall murals I bought home a whole new experience. My favorites were “City lights” and “Enchanting city

A wallmural to refresh your mood and upgrade your space.
Wallpaper : Enchanting city

 Last question: what would you choose Paint or Wallpapers?

Personally, I would always prefer wallpapers. You guys just changed my notion for the whole thing. These are super cool and you can just change them when you want (these are easy to remove and redo). I am a content writer and I am short on words to express the whole experience Magicdecor ® has delivered impeccably. I can’t thank them enough for helping me through my blocks and I would so recommend them to you guys. They have an awesome collection of wallpapers and they have the option where you can just design your own wallpapers. Bring out the creative one inside you and make your home a haven.