You may ask, “What is ambiance?”

The word Ambience goes back to its French origin from the word “Ambiance” meaning surrounding. Ambience is the mood or atmosphere of an environment. Similar to a character to a person, ambiance is to the surroundings. Ambience sets the mood, character, quality, tone, and atmosphere of your space. When you think about the ambience of a place you remember the scene, the calmness and the degree of your comfort you had when you spent your time there.

A good ambience is made up of perfectly adjusted lights that serve the purpose of both, utility and creating a certain mood. The vibe, the mood, and the tranquillity of your space are in your hands and as you use custom wallpapers and the sublime vibes follow.

What is a custom wallpaper, why to choose it.

Custom wallpapers, what and why?

Custom wallpapers as the name suggests are the wallpapers made as per your wishes, ideas, and demands. Custom wallpapers are the new hot things in this era as these give you the freedom to turn your space and your surrounding into your home. Change the walls into something which you dreamt about on last full moon, the ceiling should be like the starry nights and the floor should feel like the golden sand of the beach.

Yes, that’s what custom wallpapers let you change the surroundings as per your wish and demand. Feature walls are one of the main benefits of the above as you can print any size wallpapers that you wish. So a feature wall is a great idea.

Why is ambience so important?

You surely be thinking what’s this fuss all about? and why suddenly someone is preaching on the importance of ambience? Its because ambience has always been an important aspect of a space. May it be a restaurant, your workplace, your gym or your home, the ambience plays a major role in creating the mood and atmosphere of the environment. It directly affects your mood, will to work and your comfort. Ambience in front hand controls the efficiency of the person working in an environment.

Imagine yourself coming home after a hectic day to a Scandinavian view on your wall, the vibe and soothing effect on your soul, rejuvenating your aura getting energy for the days to come and goals to achieve.

Want your own Sublime vibes?

Embellishing your home has never been so easy, all you need to do is call Magicdecor ®. We are a group of dedicated marvels vested with magic to help you customize your home. Walls, ceiling, and floor we got it all covered. You are the one who will customize your space making it feel like your den. We are the ones to give you the tools to do so.

You have an idea of what suits your space, creating the ambience you need or you can just let our genies help you out on this. We have a collection for you to choose from and all you need to do is select and flick, we’ll get it done and delivered to you.

Some of our collections:

  • Watercolor collection
  • Dream collection
  • Intothewoods collection
  • Hope collection
Scandinavian wallpaper
A beautiful "dream" wallpaper for your kid's room
A beautiful scene of the woods for your wall