Many homeowners and interior designers are now choosing wooden wallpapers. They lend warmth, a rustic appeal, and a hint of nature to any area. Wooden wallpapers can turn your walls into breathtaking pieces of art, whether you’re going for a modern take on a classic pattern or a warm, log cabin vibe.

These nine gorgeous wooden wallpaper patterns will improve the appearance of your walls.

1. Wood Plank Wallpapers

Perfect for achieving a rustic or beachy aesthetic, it mimics the look of raw, bare wood planks.

wooden wallpaper

2. Whitewashed Wood Wallpapers

Whitewashed Wood Wallpaper’s wood grain and fading white color give it a modern farmhouse look.

White wash wallpapers for walls

3. Distressed Wood Panels Wallpapers

Has a vintage or reclaimed wood appearance that is perfect for rooms where you want them to feel comfortable and lived in.

Distressed wood wallpaper for wall

4. Herringbone Wood Pattern Wallpapers

A creative spin on wood wallpaper that lends the appearance of movement and depth to the walls.

Herringbone Wood Pattern Wallpapers

5. Dark Wood Wallpaper for Walls

The deep mahogany, walnut, or ebony tones give off an air of sophistication and elegance.

Wooden Slat Wallpaper for Walls

6. Colored Wood Wallpaper for Walls

Wood designs are painted over in shades like turquoise, red, or muted pastels for a playful or artistic touch.

Colorful Wooden Slats Texture Wallpaper for Walls

7. Vertical Wood Slats for walls

Adds height to a room and can make it feel modern and sleek.

Vertical Wood Slats for wall

8. Barn Wood Wallpaper for Walls

Reminiscent of old barns, perfect for a rustic or farmhouse design.

Barn Wood Wallpaper for Walls

9. Chevron Wood Pattern for Walls

A modern and trendy design that’s geometrically appealing.

Chevron Wood Pattern for Walls

Explore Wooden Wallpaper Designs

There are many different kinds of wood wallpaper designs on the market today, so they can fit a wide range of styles. There are patterns for every style of home, from the rustic charm of Classic Wood Plank and Barn Wood to the modern grace of Dark Wood and Chevron Wood. Whether you want a country look, a modern feel, or a minimalist Asian-inspired look, these wallpapers give the look of real wood without the need for real wood panels. With designs like herringbone and parquet, wood wallpapers can give walls depth, movement, and a unique touch. This makes them a good choice for any room.

You can also create your own customized wallpaper.