Feel at home while at work – Calming spaces with wall murals.

It happens quite often that you feel your bed or couch is a much more comfortable place to spend the day and work than to commute to a dull and boring office space to work. Surely your colleagues are the best that you could have met, and the daily targets are one’s favourite things to meet but still, it feels like something is missing. Well it simply doesn’t have the same calming feeling as the home. So the obvious question that arises is: how to make your work environment feel more inviting and a place to enjoy working at and spending peak productive hours– every day? Creating an office space that has personality is the key difference that will change your work experience entirely.

1) Keep the market in focus

A map of the country or the cities the company operates in will help employees stay focused on the customer and the services they’re providing to them as well as the market as a whole that they’re focusing on.

2) Ignite productivity with greenery and lightning

If the office is lacking light and has dim corners, consider adding a window wall mural to trick the eye. Combined with good lighting, it’ll make the people working there feel more awake and alert.

3) Upgrade the conference rooms

Meeting rooms should not be bland and grey in colour, they’re a space for inspiration and creativity. You don’t want your staff and visitors to get bored. Add some colour to the room and give it a lively personality.

4) Let your employees choose their favourite wall mural

One of the most appreciated things in any office would be the ability to personalise your own workspace and cabins, and your employees would feel more relaxed and motivated to be working in a space that’s more inviting, with shorter lunch breaks and more enthusiasm to work.

5) Use designs emphasizing the brand identity

In our creative studio at Magicdecor®, we receive numerous daily requests from customers looking for unique, personalized murals that resonate with their brand. To be completely honest, we don’t just deliver on those requests; we go above and beyond.