These traveller home ideas are for those of us who have the feeling of sometimes just packing our bags and leaving for a place; the land of the unknown. There are a lot of us who actually choose to do that. Travelling is not just exciting but it’s also surprisingly sombre and blissful. Often times travellers come back home because not everyone is a wanderer. And in those hours of tranquillity, they miss going out. They miss the sight of the treetops, the sunshine by the beach, or the fog by the mountains. While it will be difficult to emulate the exact auras of the outside world, there are still ways. 

These traveller home ideas shall take care of the rest. Let’s change your rooms into a traveller’s dream, shall we?

1. City Wanderers: Traveller Home Ideas To Go Around The World.

Often, some walls give out the vibe of a place you identify with. European streets, Australian colonies, American skyscrapers, and Indian places of worship are some examples to go by. These Traveller ideas take care of the city aesthetic of a place. Decorate it with lamps or potted plants that suit your take on that city, turning your entire room into a place that you have always wanted to visit.

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2. Trekking as a Religion: Climbing up the Aesthetic Ladder

Misty Woods on top of hills have been a wanderer’s destination. Converting your walls into such places with the appropriate wall murals. Its traveller home ideas like this make the whole room feel like freshly landed dew on the lap of a leaf. You can decorate the rooms with short ferns, bamboos and hanging pots, so when the sun hits every morning, your room feels like a tent, only much safer. 

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3. The Beach House: Traveller Home Ideas for the Sand and The Shore

Who doesn’t love a beach? The feeling of liberty hitting your feet like the salty, cool sea waters never disappoints. But what hits the most about beaches is how they look. And that is something that can always be emulated here. These beachy murals give the look, feel and vibe of an actual beach house if accompanied by proper accessories. Try adding seashells, some cactus and some blue highlights to the room to go for a boho beach interior. 

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4. Country Roads: Take Me Home

Indian classic vintage murals with Indian graffiti, European village murals with snow-clad mountains in the foreground. These are the perfect traveller home ideas for the living room. Add some pots from the local pottery and traditional decor from the nearby thrift stores, and you will be all set. It is time to impress your guests in ways they would always want to visit after!

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