From buying a space to building your home, Vastu has been crucial in creating Indian homes to a serene abode since ancient times

Vastu Shastra has made its way into wallpaper in recent years, creating a beautiful work of art that accentuates your family’s health and plenty while enlivening your room. Let us examine the importance of Vastu Shastra before delving into this topic.

The living evidence of how advanced ancient India was is found in the Vastu Shastra. Vastu shastra is a system of architecture founded on our understanding of the sun’s motion and the moon’s magnetic field.

The blend of art, science, astrology and architecture is evident in vastu shastra, which is heavily practised till today. Vastu shastra is usually utilised to experience a healthy and peaceful abode.

Dive into the ocean of Vastu Shastra wallpapers to make your home a place where immaculate beauty meets tranquillity.

1. Pichwai wallpaper

Originating from Rajasthan. Pichwai wallpaper is all set to immerse in your heart and homes with its eye-appealing wallpaper design. Pichwai is a Sanskrit term that means “hanging at the back.” Pichwai art is renowned for its creative portrayal of the daily activities of Shri Krishna. In Vastu, colour plays a crucial role.

According to Vastu, light blue influences your room’s beauty and is an excellent choice. The adorning cow represents Krishna in his cow form when he comes onto Earth on Purnima, i.e. the New moon. Infuse into an immersive enlightenment state with an authentic aspect. You should use this wallpaper in the primary living room to add peace to your home.

Pichwai wallpaper for wall

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2. Koi fish

The everlasting koi fish wallpaper has made incorporating beauty and ancient science possible. Attaining a peaceful home environment in style is a wallpaper’s way of infusing your space with harmony. Furthermore, according to Vastu Shastra, adding koi fish to your home is a great way to manifest prosperity, happiness and success in your new home.

The transcending fusion of beauty and power of koi fish can be the perfect ingredients for your dream home. In addition, to experience the best version of its ultimate visual and astrological effect, it is better to be placed in the living room or dining room where it can effortlessly elevate your home hassle-free.

Koi Fish Wallpaper Mural

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3. Gautam Buddha

Ascending from the hills of knowledge in Nepal, Gautam Buddha wallpaper has revolutionised the dimensions of home decor with its breathtaking beauty and peaceful indulging element. Gautam Buddha wallpaper has taken the industry by storm from commercial spaces to your forever home with its enticing features.

Amidst the ocean of Vastu tips for home, the Gautam Buddha wallpaper stands tall because it brings good fortune and a source of energy, chi( the energy of chi). Gautam Buddha’s wallpaper adds an essence of history, art, and bliss together, becoming an instant-loved wallpaper. It is important to note that avoiding using Gautam Buddha’s wallpaper in the living room is better.

In addition to this, Gautam Buddha’s wallpaper also immensely influences the aura of your space and improves emotional well-being.

Buddha Wall Sculpture wallpaper for Living Room

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4. Seven horses

Embarking a new journey with the knowledge of Vastu shastra and the durability of wallpapers helps you accomplish the home of your dreams. The classic yet elegant indulged seven horses wallpaper has held massive significance in the vastu shastra history. The seven white horses are well-known for attracting money and good fortune for your home.

Experience excellence blended with charismatic beauty in your home decor with one of the best spiritual wallpapers, Seven Horses wallpaper. One of the other reasons Seven Horses has made a considerable impact in the home decor industry is its vast influence and its visually appealing features that always impress.

7 White Horse Wallpaper for wall

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5. Mountains

Infuse the essence of Mighty mountains and serene nature. To encompass awaits a beautiful journey of innovation blended with beauty. Mountains wallpaper holds a special place in the hearts of many because of the calm impact it delivers in your mind and heart.

The mountain wallpaper indulged in your home allows you to relax and break from the exhausting city life. It is recommended that you install this alluring wallpaper in the South as to block any negative energy. Opt for mountain wallpapers to achieve a peaceful home environment well-infused with prosperity.

Mystic Peaks, Serene Mountain Landscape Wallpaper Mural

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Concluding everything stated so far, Magicdecor’s wallpaper has quickly become a bridge between visions and reality. Vastu has been a crucial element in India that has held its ground to date. Similarly, Magicdecor’s easy-to-install wallpapers have allowed customers to experience their dream homes while still keeping them connected with their roots. Magicdecor’s wide range of products and customised options will let you quickly transform your home.