At Magicdecor, we present various wallpapers and other home decor items. We provide high-quality Premium Wallpapers, Wallpaper Rolls, Blinds, and Canvas Prints. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch, VOC-free, and non-toxic solutions that are safe for kids and pets. Come, let’s dive into the types of wallpaper materials we use-

Classic Texture

Our classic texture wallpapers exclude elegance and have many practical purposes as well. The attention to detail is also unmatchable, these wallpapers can easily hide imperfections on a wall, like a crack or one wall being out of shape compared to another, being very easy to maintain and continuously ranking among the top priorities for being a classical wallpaper, as it is subtle and not too over the top.

Classic Texture


The non-woven wallpaper material is long-lasting, durable, and very easy to install. Being very resistant it does not tear easily after being cleaned other materials under water may persist and form tiny bubbles on the surface, but, as non-woven material is much stronger even when wet, it retains its shape quite quickly. Even sunlight does not affect that muck, helping it to restore its natural color quickly, and the way it is built, nothing will be formed beneath its surface, making it very long-lasting.

Non woven

Premium Texture

It increases the style and luxury quotient through premium texture wallpapers, adds sophistication to the living environment, and gives a sense of perspective to the room. The paper used in the excellent texture material is much thicker than other wallpaper materials. Plus paper canvas is added to the material, with matte finishing providing the living room a much wealthier look.

premium texture

Teak Texture

Give your surroundings the natural warmth they deserve through teak texture wallpapers, making you feel more connected to nature. Along with natural oils and minerals, it increases the material’s durable stamina, helping it last for a long and good time on the wall. The look provided through this material is of the foreign countryside areas, for example, that of Texas and many more foreign areas that stay closer to nature, giving it a rustic charm. Eventually, the material that is used helps it from rotting in any climate, making it a great wallpaper material.

Teak texture

Mural Texture

It transforms your wall from wallpaper to a magnum opus of storytelling, having the strength to convey characters and a whole story pattern from a design. It also speaks about historic and cultural frames. This will also help to create a visual spectacle along with acting like a great focal point, tying the room together beautifully. Normal wallpapers are used as a setting, kind of a backdrop for your space, but mural wallpapers tell a full-fledged story through your walls.

Mural Text

Roadies Glitter

Adds glamour to your space and provides a natural look with a glittery effect, which produces different shades each time a different type of light bounces off the wall, giving a different feel. Clarity is not an issue as it is based in such a way the image does not get harmed or distorted making it stay on the wall for a longer period. Plus with the advantage of getting it customized and made it increases its charm and personal touch of the homeowner.

Roadies glitter

Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Simplify the process of installing wallpapers, by avoiding glues sticking on the wall, but use the stick and peel method which can be done by yourself, avoiding the process of calling outside help to get the job done, as you can be easily capable of doing it. Apart from being a hassle-free job, the durability is nice as well because, unlike other peel-and-stick options, our materials stay safe and on the wall for longer periods.


Wallpapers on the floors are the trend now, and we have got it covered for you. Floors can be sometimes uncomfortable, uninviting, or cold all that now can be easily covered with a beautiful wallpaper of your choice. The wallpapers for your flooring will wonderfully even complement the other interior designs and decor products making its appeal increase as all these stuff will blend each other more. A nice wallpaper can also tie the whole room together acting as a good enough focal point, and you can even show your creativity in which wallpapers you would like to stick below.


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All in all, Magicdecor’s wallpapers are also VOC-free, non-toxic, and safe for both kids and pets with a 3-year warranty, matte, and glossy finish, which all can be customized as per your liking, Magicdecor stands tall in its field as one of the best. In conclusion, Magicdecor’s extensive range of wallpaper materials caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you have a classic taste, modern glamour, or natural charm, there’s a material suited to bring your vision to life. Choose Magicdecor for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing wallpapers that redefine your living spaces.