Live in an abode where vibrant art chronicles meet India’s rich, treasured designs. Travelling back in time, when India was referred to as ‘Soni ki chidiya’ not only because of its rich treasure in monetary terms but also for our tapestry of art heritage.

Splash the epitome of intricate designs and preserve Kerala’s mural art on your walls. Art holds the power to convey and maintain traditions, rituals and history. A swipe of brush entails the story behind it and the story you want to pass forward.

Embark on a journey where painting becomes a bridge where new generations embrace authentic art forms. To accompany you on this intriguing journey, wallpapers have become pivotal in infusing culture into the interior decor landscape.

Learn The History Of Kerala Mural Wallpaper

Originating from the heart of Kerala’s artistry 1500 years ago, it has come this far with its magnificent, distinctive features. This art form is inspired by Indian epics and scriptures, which define the existence of art thoroughly.

Chitrasutra, a prominent element of Vishnudharmottara Purana, provides detailed guidance and explains paintings’ significance. The same detailed art pieces can be found in Indian temples and other culturally significant spaces.

They primarily depict ancient epic stories, day-to-day life events, and Hindu gods in a bejewelled and vibrant style. Kerala mural art is distinguished by its black outlines, bright colours, and minute designs.

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Innovation And Tradition Meet Through The Wallpaper

With the ever-increasing rise in demand to keep our culture’s art heritage close to the heart through interior decor. We curate wallpaper that carries the gemstones of India’s artistry with premium textures. Such home decor conveys the desired aesthetic with a quick installation.

Leave everyone awestruck by the authentic perspective of legendary Kerala murals. The designs, colours, patterns and texture of the majestic art form contribute significantly to the undertone of your ambience. Enrich your space with red, yellow, green, black, and white, primarily in Kerala’s artistry.

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Weave The Essence Of Serenity With Religious Art Motifs

Uplift the vibe of your room with a sprinkle of Kerala murals in an instant. This majestic art depicts legends like the Ramayana and Mahabharata and local tales.

Fill your walls with Hindu epic stories that you’ll cherish forever. An art form encompasses specific traditions passed down from generation to generation.

A painting is much like a camera in the ancient days to capture momentum in an authentic Kerala mural touch. The motifs that dominated the mural realm of Kerala art landscape are natural elements, local deities and Hindu epic stories.

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Celebrate India’s Artistry By Installing Kerala Mural-Inspired Wallpaper Designs

Live in an ambience filled with a burst of colours and designs. Install India’s delicacy through Kerala mural-inspired wallpaper, ready to astonish you with its precise artistic skills.

Since the beginning of time, art has been a pivotal element in celebrations–from capturing memories to preserving paintings. Art has travelled a long way!

Indulge the treasured art of centuries into your walls with our premium quality wallpaper. Set up your abode in an ethereal space filled with cultured art masterpieces from Kerala.

Mystical Kerala Mural Wallpaper

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Skip The Hassle Of Paint And Opt For Wallpaper

With our authentic wallpaper, you can attain the striking, intensive details of a painting on your wall. Unlike the other alternatives, wallpapers are an emerging star in the realm of home decor.

Transforming your space into a dream vision board is easy with the plethora of designs available at Magicdecor. Step into a haven of luxury to experience the finesse of artistic home decor. Our VOC-free pets and kids-friendly wallpaper is ideal for your home renovation.

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From the very beginning, artistry has always been a pivotal element in the dimension of interior design. In this era of infusing authenticity into your homes, wallpapers have become a great medium to do so.

Liven up your space to add a touch of warmth and visually appealing features. Jump into the ocean of designs, patterns, textures and prints that take your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

Bring back the adored culture painting which reflects you. With Magicdecor, indulge in style, from Kerala mural design wallpapers to any artistic tokens, to turn your house into a home.