Placed in the heart of Noida, The Healthy Planet School not only speaks volumes about the importance of preschool but also for its beautiful and serene architecture. At the core of this architectural haven is the celebration of sustainability, openness, and a will of learning and teaching dedicated to these young minds.

The aesthetic charm of the school lies in the materials used by them, especially incorporating brick walls throughout the premises and nearby surroundings. This provides the necessary warmth required by the kids and the school’s commitment to eco-friendly culture. These brick walls add character and depth to the school’s elegant and classical look.

Inspired by the Healthy Planet school, Magicdecor ensures that the same type of sophistication is brought to home decor through beautiful brick-patterned wallpapers and decor items. We can transform your space into a minimalist haven with rustic charm through our brick walls.

Characterisations similar to the school are available, which you can utilise effectively and efficiently to provide warmth to your personal space. Bricks can easily be used in different sizes and orientations and purposefully in uneven shapes to get different surface designs. This will enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

Our materials used in making these brick wallpapers keep them durable for an extended period of time; with nature in mind, we use eco-friendly materials that are VOC-free, non-toxic, long-lasting, pet- and kid-friendly. Brick is generally an economical material that lasts on the wall for a more extended period of time.

Brick typically showcases a classical vibe to any decor space, bold, charismatic and gentle in its look. Elevate your space with realistic and textured designs that emulate the rustic appeal of brickwork. Choose from various patterns and colour tones, creating a visually captivating and industrial-inspired ambience.

Wallpapers are versatile and have the potential to set a new aura for any space. Using brick wallpaper for walls for an accent wall is a fantastic idea. Using dark brick wallpaper on one accent wall and painting the remaining walls light or neutral can make the wall stand out. Consider applying a different brick wallpaper colour on each accent wall for a more dynamic effect.

Make this Wallpaper Yours!

Our brick wallpapers go beyond traditional wallcoverings and can be easily used in a more funky way as well, whether you are looking for an accent wall or looking to make a wall the main focal point of your space or even your office space to motivate and increase the workflow between your employees.

Even if you are in a small space and use various items at your place, these brick wall accents will be a blessing to increase your living space’s vibe and aesthetic value.

What sets us apart from others, except for the materials used and the exquisite looks of our decor products, is the personalised customer service in the form of customisation. Whatever design you opt for will quickly be made for you.

Our designers have the knowledge and craft to make your immaculate design hanging on your walls effortlessly. We utilise paper that has earned FSC certification as part of our commitment to sustainability. You will be encouraging proper forest management by selecting Magicdecor.

Incorporating Healthy Planet School’s brick walls’ charm into your home is more than just a design choice; it’s a statement of your commitment to sustainability, creativity, and timeless grace. With our brick wallpapers, you can transform any space into a harbour of sophistication while paying homage to the brilliance that inspired it all.