Environmentally clean wallpaper production with no unnecessary waste

At Magicdecor ®, we are incredibly proud of our wallpaper because not only the quality and design is impeccable, but the actual material of the wallpaper has no negative qualities about it. This comes from the fact that we print everything first hand, on demand. That means there are no unused products lying around in a warehouse somewhere getting old and causing harm to the environment. This is the perks of digital print that makes it far more superior than traditionally printed wallpaper. Having nothing in stock that gets old by just lying around means nothing has to be discarded if it’s not being sold. That’s good for the environment and for us, reducing waste and labor. The same “minimal waste model” follows our wallpapers to the end-user as well, Printing the murals dedicated to the size of the walls they’re going to get installed in, causes almost no waste from the installation. The little waste it does produce, in the form of packaging and binding material is absolutely recyclable and can be repurposed for other uses.

100% non-toxic wall murals

Our printing technology uses methods that are 100% pure from solvents and other harmful substances. We take pride in our wallpapers not having any VOC substance that have negative impact on nature, people or animals.

For tomorrow’s world of wallpaper

We print our wallpapers on FSC Certified non-woven paper. FSC is an independent, international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that works for an environmental-friendly and viable use of the world’s forests.