Feel like home at work – Claiming your office space with wall arts

It might have happened once or twice that the bed or couch at home felt like a much nicer place to spend the day than commuting to a cold and dull office. The colleagues could be the best that ever walked the earth, and the daily tasks are one’s favourite things to do, but still, something is missing. It simply doesn’t have the same pleasant feeling as the home. So the question is: how to make the work environment feel inviting and a place to enjoy – every day? How do you always look forward to going to work? We believe that creating an office space with personality is key.

1. Keep the market in focus

A world map, an Image of a Cityscape placed where everyone can see it, or a local map if the company is working primarily in its own city or country, will help the employees stay focused on the customers and the market they’re working for each day.

2. Improve productivity with a good, cheerful ambience

If the Office room lacks windows & doors, it is time to create an illusion of windows & doors. If the office is dark and lacking light, add a window mural to trick the eye. Combine it with good lighting to make the people working there feel more awake and alert.

3. Upgrade the Brainstorming rooms ( Your Conference Room )

Conference rooms are where great ideas meet the closest reality, and Meeting rooms are for creativity and inspiration. Don’t allow them to be a blended, grey room where the staff and visitors get bored the minute they enter. Let the rooms live! Add colour and fun with our range of customized wallpapers & wall murals.

4. Your Associate’s Suggestions are now the key

One of the most beautiful things about the current era is everyone’s suggestion matters to the brand, so in customisation, there is ample room for everyone. Let’s keep the best suggestions to make a masterpiece that everyone likes.

5. Use designs that take your brand a Notch Higher !!

Use our “Upload your Design” Section to upload your artwork specific to your brand & build a good sense of presence in your workspace. We are also open to suggestions & edits where our team of designers help you get the best out of your thought process.

6. Brand Specific Contents

Use our integrated APIS to browse & search brand-specific content, which helps polish your brand image. For example, your brand logo is based on orange & green color, but it’s highly unlikely we will get some wall graphics in ready stock of those specific colors. We help you achieve that by modifying the brand-specific design for you.