As someone with an audience and reach of such numbers, you folks have been known to be the people of expression. You are the influencers: individuals with stories and that is where we might have something in common. Well, that and also the fact that we can collaborate into profiting ventures together.

We have been a part of your stories, now allow us to introduce ours.

Walls are a lot more than just bricks and Mortar. Just like everything that exists tells a story, can we all agree on the fact that every home that we have ever been in has a story to tell? The walls silently tell tales of all the moments being shared here. From the first laugh of a newborn to the first rupee saved just so that someone could have a home of one own, homes and walls brim with stories from the floors to the ceilings. And hence we share a similar sentiment with the ones who have influenced people all over with their stories, taking them along the journey.

So how exactly do we decide to tell the stories? Well, the walls speak for themselves. So what is it that we do?

We give them the voice.

Magicdecor ® has always believed in stories. And the products that we create tend to sit around that idea itself.  With 100% Customizable, Eco-Friendly, and Brilliantly crafted Decor Products, we are here on our way to enable 300 Million+ Indians households to decorate their space the way they want.


Reimagining home décor via Magicdecor ®

We Provide Decor Accessories and tools of all spaces and aesthetics for a redefined decor experience. We deal in:

  1. Custom Wall Wrappers 
  2. Custom Blinds & Curtains
  3. Custom Floorings
  4. Designer Mural Products

Our Products take care of every aesthetic demand and every sustainable need. Our products are robust, eco-friendly, and environmentally sound. People may come and go, but stories are for a lifetime. And we work hard to make sure that reflects on what is created here. The Products are durable, customizable, and quite diversified.


To our collaborators, As a brand that believes in the power of visual storytelling and ideas slightly far from ordinary, it is indeed a pleasure to be able to work alongside you.

We offer highly profitable commissions based on your reach and level of influence upon our collaboration. And here is how you can be a part of it.

You are asked to use your platform to create an awareness of our product in several conceivable ways. You add your followers and your established audience into our network and with every product they buy, we also keep a commission per sale. In a Chain, this is how we work.

Your Audience sees the promotion >> He/She/They get influenced into visiting our marketplace >> They go through our products >> They make a purchase >> That purchase gets reflected under your name.

Influencers guide to Profits

Your viewers can get discount coupons from entering the site through the link you provide to them, resulting in a good relationship between you and them.

For the followers with a reach above a certain number, we also provide an invitation to Co-Brand, where we create specialized products branded alongside your name and create affiliated products. They also come with their commissions.


We take immense pride in the product we put out to the market and we do believe that it has been and will continue to cause significant disruption in the Home Decor industry. And we look up to you as a significant individual whose collaboration can help us and allow us to do something of value for you. With that in mind, Let’s win together.