Embrace the beauty of bold patterns, intricate designs and artistic chaos through the seamless wallpaper installation. In the era of creating a home decor aesthetic that resonates with your authentic essence and embodies it elegantly, the iconic, eclectic decor has topped the charts.

Be it dull walls or patterns that do not align with your house’s aesthetic, wallpapers are well known for rescuing you from bland styles and infusing a quirky vibe. Amidst the vast pool of statement walls, it is essential to source the ideal that completes your house’s visual impact.

Let’s jump into this blog to understand the unique maximalist interior aesthetic and the effect it delivers in your space.

What is A Maximalist Interior Aesthetic?

As the name suggests, maximalist interior aesthetics refers to the ‘maximum aesthetic’. Incorporating different elements and weaving all the items together to attain a visually pleasing aesthetic is what maximalist interior aesthetic is all about! It usually consists of aesthetic elements such as vibrant colours, intricate designs, and bold designs, delivering an exquisite appeal quickly. If you’re fond of the ‘more is more’ aesthetic, the maximalist interior aesthetic is perfect for you.

Commence the voyage of eclectic decor through diverse wallpaper designs, awaiting to elevate your home.

1. Dive into The Haven of Serenity with Our Pichwai Wallpaper:

Elevating your home decor to the next level is now an exciting journey because of the variety of options available in the maximalist aesthetic. Our cow Pichwai wallpaper stands tall among the options available because of its religious significance and eye-catching visual appeal.

This mesmerising cow Pichwai wallpaper dates back centuries and is well-known for celebrating the devotion of the child form of Lord Krishna. This wallpaper captures your heart with its enchanting blue, intricate designs, and the gist of nature dial-up, which makes an excellent addition to your space. This wallpaper beautifully captures the contrast between the beauty of nature and the Pichwai art style.

Kamdhenu Sacred Cow Pichwai Wallpaper, Customized

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 2. Add a Modern Flair to Your Space with Our Damask Wallpaper.

Indulge your home aesthetic into a timeless, opulent elegance in style. With the majestic Damask aesthetic, it is attaining an abode filled with motifs that showcase sophistication that lasts forever. Since the beginning of time, damask wallpaper has been a classic choice for enjoying visual appeal and leaving everyone in awe with its effortless beauty.

Its alluring feature allows it to fit in anywhere and elevate the space in just a snap of a minute. Furthermore, the damask patterned wallpaper’s bold motifs are utilised to practice the beauty of eclectic decor. Such maximalist wallpaper designs take any space and transform it into a magical abode.

Damask wallpaper

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3. Experience The Taste of Authentic Art

Kerala’s authentic art has the heart of all devotees and eclectic decor lovers because of its spiritual significance and artistic appeal. Our Radha Krishna Kerala mural art wallpaper is indulged with intrinsic design, vibrant colour, and unique patterns, ready to achieve a ‘wow’ impact for everyone who comes across it.

Going back to its history, the Kerala mural art was used to educate the audience about the religious significance and mythology stories in the most artistic way. Even in contrast with alluring colours and detailed designs, a balanced aesthetic can be achieved when installed in sync with the undertone of the ambience.

radha krishna kerala mural painting

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 4. Embark on a Journey of Detailed Art in The Forest

Bring your favourite dreamy statement walls to real life. If you’re someone who loves nature and ‘more is more’ designs, our Sangamvan, Mesmerizing Tropical Jungle and Trees Luxurious Wallpaper is a match made in heaven for you.

Incorporating nature and intricate designs to infuse personality into your space is an excellent way to elevate your home’s decor in an instant. Our wallpapers are designed to deliver commendable visual appeal and are made with high-quality products. From living room to bedroom, our intricate wallpaper designs bring life to your space and weave the aesthetic’s undertone with a common thread.

Sangamvan, Mesmerizing Tropical Jungle and Trees Luxurious Wallpaper

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5. Transport Your Abode to The Royal Udaipur

Bring your favourite vision from Udaipur with our magical Ashva Aranya, A Wallpaper with a Horse and Trees. The majestic royal beauty, intricate design, and artistic design can be infused into your walls in style. Such quirky wallpaper designs allow you to infuse a timeless aesthetic into your home. This wallpaper encourages you to build more of a blend of sophistication and art. Step into a tranquil aura with a seamless installation of the famous royal wallpaper, where we embrace chaotic art beauty with a gist of balance.

Ashva Aranya, A Wallpaper with a Horse and Trees

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Concluding everything that has been stated so far, bold interiors have been in demand since the beginning of time. Vivid wallpapers have stepped up the game to indulge the maximalist aesthetic, ruling the market with their captivating features. To perfect the eclectic decor, it is essential that you use a common undertone, bringing all the elements together and achieving an exclusive look. With Magicdecor’s excellent wallpaper designs, canvas and blinds, your dream home can be made true in no time.