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In the dimension of home decor chronicles, wallpapers have significantly altered the interior decor landscape. Unlike paints and other alternatives, wallpaper is popular as it adds aesthetic appeal and is woven with commendable durability. As the need for wallpaper waves hits, customers need help using the wallpapers to their full potential. Calculating and ordering the appropriate measurements is necessary for the most visually pleasing decor. To understand why you need Wallpaper Calculator, read this blog to learn how to calculate wallpaper. In this blog, let’s explore how to help your wallpaper’s makeover journey become extraordinary.

Start your Adventurous Home Transformation Journey by getting your Basics Crystal Clear!

What are Premium Wallpaper and Wallpaper Rolls?

With Magicdecor’s home decor products, you can taste luxury indulged in your home. The premium wallpaper in Magicdecor allows you to bring personalised wallpaper for wall to real life. Our premium wallpaper is made with VOC-free and non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe environment for you and your family. In addition, wallpaper collections are available in multiple textures and are ready to teleport you to a new vibe. While in the case of wallpaper rolls, it allows you to fill your space with exciting, seamless prints and patterns. The customisation option encourages you to infuse a unique aesthetic that relates to you.

Why is it Necessary to Calculate your Walls before Purchasing?

The answer is quite simple. Measuring is a significant element in getting the ideal wallpaper decor look for your space. With the guidelines of appropriate measurements, you can avoid a situation where you fall short for wallpapers in the middle of home makeover. In another case, ordering too much can lead to wastage. In another scenario, ordering from a different batch can lead to colour or print variations. For these particular reasons, it is pivotal to calculate your walls properly to get the desired result.

Tip– You can order 2-3 inches extra in addition to the measurement of the estimated measurements.

You can Learn More about Measuring with Different Walls using the Guide Below.

Become a Pro at Wall-Measuring with Magicdecor!

Measure the desired wall height from the ground to the ceiling to know the required square footage of wallpaper. Magicdecor offers wallpaper based on sq. ft, making your home transformation more comfortable. Taking the correct estimates of the wall avoids wastage and enhances the beauty to its extreme.

The Solution – Leave The Hassle Of Measurements To Us!

Exhale the measurement stress out of your home transformation journey by opting for our revolutionary wallpaper calculator. At Magicdecor, we prioritise weaving your experience with significant care and attention to detail. For the same reason, we offer a wallpaper calculator, so a new aesthetic for your home is just a few clicks away. Using our wallpaper calculator, you can order the perfect amount of wallpaper addition for your envisioned home. Furthermore, with our easy-to-use wallpaper calculator, you can save money, time and wallpaper.

Learn the Magic!- Uncover How the Wallpaper Calculator Works

Begin your journey with the perfect wallpapers and measurements with our wallpaper calculator. At Magicdecor, we are proud to make every wallpaper transformation journey delightful. With the help of our wallpaper calculator, you can quickly know the perfect amount of measurement required.

To Start your Pathway to your Desired Aesthetic, Simply Type in the Exact Height and Width Measures.

Just input inches, centimetres, or feet, and let us know how many sq.ft of premium wallpaper or wallpaper rolls you need from us. Just like magic!

Wallpapers have dominated the dynamics of home decor with their simple installation and enchanting visuals. With wallpaper estimator in the market, easy-to-use wallpaper is prominent in commercial to residential spaces. At Magicdecor, we prioritize customer satisfaction and curate experiences that please heart, mind and soul. Unlike the wallpaper alternative, wallpaper ensures a detailed, intriguing aesthetic appeal to your home. Not only are they easy to install, but they also have excellent durability. In addition, tools we provide, such as a wallpaper calculator and an exclusive personalisation option, make wallpaper a rich choice for your space.