Hindus joyfully celebrate Navratri, an opulent and significant day. One way to embrace the Christmas spirit is through home décor. This blog post will go over six simple yet elegant Navratri décor ideas to assist you create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your house.

1. Navratri Décor Using a Sustainable Leaf Background:

Step 1: Collect leaves from peepal, banyan, or mango trees.
Step 2: After cleaning, let the leaves air dry.
Step 3: To create a leafy backdrop, arrange the leaves vertically.
Step 4: Tie the leaves in place with environmentally friendly twine.
Step 5: To improve the beauty of the backdrop, add flowers, marigold garlands, and diyas.

Navratri Decoration With Eco-friendly Leaf Backdrop

2. Rangoli-Inspired Navratri Decoration Ideas:

Step 1: Decide where you want your rangoli artwork to go. This is usually the entrance.
Step 2: Choose a rangoli pattern or make one yourself.
Step 3: Use white rangoli powder to outline the design.
Step 4: Add a tonne of vivid patterns and colours to the design.
Step 5: To light up the rangoli at night, wrap it with tea lights or diyas.

Navratri Decoration Ideas With Rangoli

3. Grass pots and a background of banana leaves for a Navratri decoration:

  • Step 1: Create a banana leaf backdrop as mentioned in Idea 1.
  • Step 2: Use clay or terracotta pots filled with grass or wheatgrass.
  • Step 3: Arrange the pots in front of the banana leaf backdrop.
  • Step 4: Decorate the pots with marigold garlands and traditional motifs.

Navratri Decoration With Banana Leaf Background and Grass Pots

4. Navratri Decoration Using a Cloth Backdrop and Toran:

Step 1: At the entryway, hang a door hanging or beautiful toran.
Step 2: Select a vibrant fabric to serve as the background of your shrine or puja space.
Step 3: Put the fabric in place and drape it.
Step 4: Set an idol or picture of Durga on the backdrop made of fabric.
Step 5: To give the shrine a finished appearance, surround it with flowers, diyas, and incense.

Navratri Decoration With Toran and Cloth Backdrop

5. Navratri Decoration featuring a swing for Devi and a red cloth backdrop:

Step 1: Use a red backdrop by hanging it.
Step 2: Use a wooden board and ropes to make a little swing.
Step 3: Set a goddess idol or image on the swing.
Step 4: Add garlands, flowers, and leaves to the swing’s décor.
Step 5: Encircle the swing area with drapes made of red fabric.

Navratri Decoration with Red Color Cloth Backdrop and a Swing for Devi

6. Large Paper Flowers and Plants in Pots with Lighting for Navratri Decoration:

Step 1: Use colourful craft paper to create huge paper flowers.
Step 2: You can hang these paper flowers singly or create garlands by attaching them to wires or strings.
Step 3: Arrange these paper flowers all over your house, focusing on the areas closest to your altar and major puja space.
Step 4: Fill ornamental containers with potted plants, such as snake plants, money plants, or other greenery.
Step 5: To create a cosy and enchanting atmosphere, add fairy lights or string lights around the potted plants.

Navratri Decoration with Paper Big Paper Flowers and Plants in Pots with Lighting

7. Using wallpaper to decorate for Navratri:

Step 1: Select a wallpaper with vivid colours or a classic Navratri theme.
Step 2: Decide the room or main wall in your home you want to wallpaper.
Step 3: Dust the wall to ensure that it is free of any more dust or imperfections.
Step 4: Gently apply wallpaper glue to the back of the piece and connect it to the wall, making sure there are no air bubbles in the wallpaper.
Step 5: Smooth out the wallpaper and clip off any extra with a utility knife.
Step 6: Traditional artwork, mirrors, or wall hangings that go well with the wallpaper can all be added to further improve the décor.

Mor Pankh Wallpaper for Wall, Mandal Pattern

Images Credit: Pinterest

In India, Navratri is a time for festivity, family get-togethers, and devotion. In addition to making your house seem lovely on this auspicious occasion, these simple Navratri décor ideas will enlighten your soul by fostering a meditation-friendly atmosphere.

These decorations, which come in a range of designs and colours, from vivid cloth backgrounds to eco-friendly leaf backdrops, can let you celebrate Navratri in style and grace. Try these suggestions to give your loved ones a unique and unforgettable Navratri experience.