Customized Wall Murals and wallpapers are the new trend now. Whether you look for a makeover of your office space or your home, if you need something exclusive then this is the key.

Then the next question is why choose Magicdecor ® over others:
When it comes to Customization first things that comes to our mind is about the product quality & sustainability. There is a traditional belief that customized products are inferior in quality as mass-produced products go through several quality checks the latter are not. But it’s not true in the case of Magicdecor ® products.

Though we are into customized wallpapers we use the same mass production methods & have a strict quality check standard. Our automated quality check procedure makes sure all the products are as good as any mass-produced products and maintains the best quality in terms of the products.

Now talking about the sustainability of our products, all of our products are 100% eco-friendly and PVC-free.

Powered by Green Guard Ink technology – Eco-Friendly certified by Nordic EcoLabel. The inks we use are virtually odourless. It features a safe pigment formulation that is 100% free of nickel and fluorine compounds while maintaining a high degree of outdoor durability. It is also Greenguard Gold certified and meets the French-VOC A+ Class criteria for low chemical emissions.

Thats not all; we are using a True Pantone certified Printing engine which make sure the output color of our wallpaper is most color accurate as per the Pantone standard.

In the case of wallpapers, colors are the most important factor, so choosing the perfect spot for the wallpaper is a most important thing for any corporate customer. Our tech facilitates us to replicate the exact color output as per the need of the customer, which helps get maximum accuracy in colour output.

For interior replication color output consistency is the key factor. Let’s take a Case study of a bakery chain.

There was a bakery Chain in India that had multiple bakeries and was in need of design standardization, as the original store was created using some imported limited edition tiles. Once they started expanding, they found it challenging to recreate the same design using the imported tile as it was very costly and not recommended for each & every store.

There came our design replication work handy. With the use of our 3D replication studio, we scanned the whole design of the original store & recreated every corner of the store to match their original one. Within 3 days we were able to make the store ready and go live.

Advantages of Design Replication using Magicdecor ® papers:
1. Quick Replication
2. Very accurate output
3. Low Cost
4. Easy to scale, no need to keep design inventory.

Ask our magicians to explore more options.