In today’s fast-paced world, surround yourself with elements that evoke the creativity beast within you. From scribbles behind textbooks to magnificent elements in our daily lives, the evolution of art is truly a miraculous transition.

Art is an expression that can be conveyed beyond words. It acts as a bridge where words fail to communicate. Curating the perfect ambience consists of relatable art elements that align with your vision. Cherish the doodling process, from blurs of ideas to engaging doodles that shape your artistic vision.

Witness how India’s doodle artist revolutionised the realm of artistic expression.

1. Sijin Gopinathan:

Moulding from thoughts, doodles are an excellent medium for commuting. From traditional Kerala mural aesthetics to quick glimpses of the modern world, Sijin Gopinathan’s doodles weave it beautifully! His artwork has captured attention worldwide because of its intricate yet empowering impact that leaves everyone stunned.

Sijin’s artwork has taken crucial steps towards the environment and built a prominent token of doodling by featuring in Vogue India. In addition to this, his latest 2021 world art took everyone’s breath away with his live doodling session on a mini Cooper car. His art is a pure reflection of an embrace of intriguing artistic elements of doodles that evoke curiosity.

Sijin Gopinathan Biography

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2. Ayush Kalra:

Ayush Kalra, originating from the heart of India-Delhi, his art style has been significantly empowering women against patriarchal issues with his southeast Asian intricate touch. From generation to generation, art has been a great way to spread information to the masses.

Ayush’s impeccable art style captivates attention and engages with the audience on pivotal matters. His never-done-before ethnic aesthetic celebrates and represents the richness of India. Be it breaking the basic stereotypes or addressing modern issues with a traditional allure, Ayush’s art style encompasses it all!

From communicating with a burst of vibrant colours to embracing day-to-day matters in a quirky way, his art has been well-known in today’s generation.

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3. Sameer Kularwar:

Doodling stands apart from other artistic styles. It begins with a simple trace of thought and quickly transforms into art that embodies artistic detail from different aspects of life. Doodling is an art form that brings people together with its fun yet alluring addition to any place.

Sameer Kularwar’s art story caught people’s eye by creating an alluring artistic site at Kala Ghoda. The detail, yet visually appealing, made the pale walls a wall that people could not walk past without returning to catch a glimpse of again. Starting his journey as a director at Bombay Duck Designs to finding his solo career, his art encompasses aesthetics that easily captivate the audience’s attention.

About – Sameer Kulavoor

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4. Neha Sharma

Just like everyone’s particular perspective of the world differs, everyone has a unique doodling style. If Neha Sharma’s doodle could be described in only three words- funny, relatable, and engaging- it would be the perfect fit! Her art style feels like a breeze of fresh air in a pool of a plethora of designs.

Neha Sharma found her immaculate love for doodling on the journey to CA. Her unparalleled passion for doodling drove her art to the masses via the Times of India, The Delhi Times, Tinkle Digest, and much more. Her art style became the perfect recipe to engage with today’s generation via the internet.

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5. Pradeep Das

Pradeep Das, also known as Bombay Doodler, is popular for his predominantly black-and-white doodles, which are quirky and artistic. His doodling style embodies simply what he wants to represent. With intricate to quirky aspects, Pradeep’s art aesthetics encompass life with a sprinkle of detailed art styles.

To add to his glory, his journey has also been covered in a lifestyle journalist magazine. From his childhood, doodling and scribbling were the gateway breaks where his love for art grew. Additionally, whoever witnessed his magic of doodling happen live was always enticed and surprised by its simplicity and detailing.

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