“Wallpapers are the future of Home Decor” is a statement we all might have heard somewhere or the other. Various internet forums have credited wallpapers for their sustainability and durability. They have replaced a lot of wall spaces at a time where paints once used to reign supreme. So how true are these statements?

Are Wallpapers actually better when it comes to Home Decor and your precious four walls? Welcome to our part of the Internet where we analyze the truth behind these lines and answer the question you read in the title.

Wallpapers are Expensive: Home Decor FAQs

Money becomes an important element while deciding how your home would look like. The beauty of your walls is sometimes under the mercy of your tight budget and it’s a genuine statement of concern for so many of us. So let’s address this statement and see how true is it?

Are Wallpapers costlier than Paints when it comes to price per square feet? Yes.

Are Wallpapers are a more expensive affair than Paints? Absolutely not.

When speaking about paints, there are hidden charges always been introduced in the form of labor costs, maintenance costs, etc which do not exist in the case of Wallpapers. Your Home Decor also is benefited from the fact that wallpapers provide more bang for the buck if we count aspects like sustainability and overall longevity of the product.

Now while these statements may not seem much, but they are in fact really essential when it comes to our precious budgets.

Durability: The Backbone of Home Decor

Paints chip off in less than five years(considering you have been using the high-quality ones.) They are also expected to wear out by natural forces like moisture, friction, etc. This is where wallpapers take the cake.  They are significantly more durable and can stay as long as at least twelve to fifteen years without having any issues.  

Wall Requirements

Rough, ragged, or uneven walls can benefit by paints to hide their imperfections, whereas the condition of walls when applying wallpapers is slightly more demanding. Walls laden with moisture or imperfect dimensions can make wallpapers peel off. They can be reapplied, but as discussed in point 1, they are slightly expensive.  But again, those chances are significantly low if the quality of wallpaper and adhesive used is uncompromised.  

Designs Available

While the paints are available in multiple colors, designs, and glosses, it doesn’t beat the aesthetics of having a wallpaper. Since we can choose the material to put as wallpaper, we can customize the gloss as per our wish(the differences are apparent when compared to the glossy finished oil-based paints). Moreover, the wallpaper designs provide a more detailed design with deeper contours, firmer lines, and more precise decorations than wallpaper.  

Value for money:

Yes, Wallpapers are more expensive and takes more time to apply than paints. But that also comes with its own set of benefits.  Paints are more traditional and flexible in usage, but when it comes to value for money, we believe it goes to wallpaper.  The benefits are way more than the extra costs, and so is the experience.

The Future of Home Decor

Now, while we all understand that home decor is not just a personal choice but far beyond that, there is one additional aspect that we must consider. Home Decor represents the personality, character, and approachability of a house. And these three things cannot be sold as generalized commodities. Hence, The value of customization grows tenfold. So, while the Future of Home Decor is reliant on a salient combination of both, it shall be the Wallpapers who shall own the game.