Boho decor has taken centre stage in the recent few years regarding house interior decor. Created by artists from Europe, these minimalistic floral artisanal designs look unbelievably pretty, yet being so pocket-friendly was a dream come true for many millennials.

Initially introduced in the West, Bohemian Designs as a concept travelled its way worldwide and have become favourites among the present generations because of their flexibility, dexterity, and easy-to-customize aspects. Now, it is difficult to bind the entire category of boho decors in a few sub-classes. But for your convenience, allow us to classify them into 3 different categories. 

1. Moroccan: Doodled walls with kaleidoscopical visual designs, properly established wall patterns followed by suitable room decor. 

2. Minimalistic: Simple walls with a touch of subtle designs, along with plants and room hangings like canvas and lamps, take centre stage. 

3. Earthy: Plant-based walls(mostly murals) and hanging floral pots give the room a highly satisfying aesthetic. 

Using Boho Murals can turn up the aesthetic level of your home and your rooms multiple-fold. Let’s see how we can do that:

Boho Decors for Bedrooms:

Boho Murals can be used to amp up the bedrooms and positively so, in an equally brilliant way. Calm, sombre colors, simple designs, and associated accessories making the entire feel of waking up in the morning nothing short of satisfying. Boho Decor is something that reflects the mood of a bedroom. Calm, somber colors reflect the good mornings and good nights. Accessories play an extremely important role in this, and the accessories can be adjusted as per the vibes needed for the rooms.

Boho Murals For Hall and Living Room:

Boho Murals are quite flexible on their own. How and what we use is dependent upon what we want our rooms to look like and can be customized as per the shades we decide to choose. Whether Moroccan or Earthy, Boho Murals work nevertheless. In larger spaces like halls and living areas, boho murals can be adjusted according to one’s aesthetic choices. Bohemian Decor is so flexible that even when the murals are all set, variations can still be introduced via many aspects, such as pots, lamps, ceilings, etc.

Bohemian Study and Workplaces:

Such places require what we call ‘Zen’, i.e. the energy of sombre and calm, and these are the places where Boho Decor is at its peak. These are places where folks often use plants and potted vines. These places often suit well with Minimalistic Boho Decor and are often accompanied by accessories like DIY decor.

DIY(Do it Yourself)

Boho started as a DIY form of home decor and has since grown in popularity with many variations. It’s known for its flexibility within the four walls of a room. Now, with Magicdecor ®, you can design your own unique Boho Decor wallpaper by selecting your own inspirations and customized sizes to fit perfectly in your space.