Let us introduce a concept called “Horror of the Mundane”

 According to this, any home may feel like a prison if one is prohibited from going out. The prohibition can be psychological or even physical or rational. Nevertheless, this mundanity of everyday life in this pandemic looking at the same dull walls, the same laptop, and phone screens may set off some red alarms within a person’s psyche. And irrespective of the reason behind staying inside, anxiety may be a common factor. 

In times like these, Spicing Up The Home Decors may prove to be a solution to look forward to. For example, big bold new pop colors take some time to get used to. And the more time they take getting used to, the more time they need to feel mundane, and the longer they feel new, the more they enhance the home ecosystem.

“We are going through something where mundanity feels like imprisonment. The escape lies in the bold colors and the visual appeal around us which can be introduced on our walls itself”

Siddheswar Panda, CEO, Magicdecor ®

Work From Home:

Home is the new office. Your room has the potential to be the land where you make your new billion-dollar deal, get your first funding, receive your first promotion. It is the place of business and it demands to be seen that way. Subtle professional colors with motivational quotes or elite classy vibes are the go-to choices for the wall behind your table to impress the bosses in a Zoom meeting. Or a customized brand logo etched into your wall to show your team that you mean business.

Home Entertainment

Until the risks of contamination exist, theaters, plays and concerts might not feel the same. Thanks to technology that we are blessed with streaming services, internet live shows, OTT platforms etc.

But they need some exterior spicing up in order to feel like real entertainment. Bold Popping shades and your favorite pop culture icons etched in the walls just the way you want them (Magicdecor ® offers customizable products based on exactly what you are looking for) can make the entire experience multiple times more exciting.

Home Hospitalization

Home quarantines, home medication to avoid contamination during hospital visits and home treatment have grown significantly. Houses have rooms dedicated for that specific purpose and if you don’t, we suggest you take a step towards it. Light, somber colors provide a sense of calmness and relaxation. Gentle soothing mural tones can reduce anxiety and make the person feel a loss of panic. 

Baby Care

Babies are gentle, sensitive, and need to be protected at all costs. This is the part where we actually suggest replacing wall paints with non-VOC wallpapers altogether. They aren’t as toxic as the rest and go fairly well with the entire vibe of their moods.

Light, playful colors and jovial hued murals make the experience of raising a young one all the better.

Home Study

Home schooling is an actual thing now. Google Homework, Zoom presentations and assignments on the internet. It all might seem to feel disinteresting after a while unless, there is a perfect mood to suit the vibe of an actual classroom.

We may not create an actual classroom, but at least we can imitate it. Illustrative murals with a mix of pop and gentle colors to act encouraging without being too distracting. They can make even the most boring of subjects an interesting affair to be in. 

The Horror Of the Mundane is less like an instant scare and more like an anxiety that creeps in slowly by the days. It’s been a year since we have been inside and yet we don’t seem to see an escape. In these dire days of the pandemic, protecting mental health is key, and if visual changes to the walls can actually provide with those, we should take them seriously.