The kitchen is the birthplace of sustenance. There is no mystery that our food amplifies our state of body, mind, mood, and the entire vibe of the moment. In the same way, that food affects our body, the kitchen affects its preparation. Having a basic kitchen is like eating just for existing and nothing else.

 In these modern times, everything comes with an aesthetic, a visual value, and a treat for the senses. And nobody understands the value of a visual appeal than millennials. Weekends with your significant other, while cooking a delicacy of your choice, having a home date, A house party, or calling the boss for dinner, we have fairly understood the value of standing out, and the same happens for the kitchen.

So, how exactly do we amp up our personal food factory? Here are a few ideas. 

Dark, Somber Colors highlight the kitchen appliances and the vibe of the KitchenPopping, Loud Designs making even the most bring kitchens InterestingSubtle, Classy, and Sombre

Light and subtle shades provide a silent oomph to the entire hall. Darkish colors provide room for a brilliant contrast against the appliances to be used. A sombre vibe for a peaceful cooking experience. These murals ensure that you stay at peace within your walls and feel a sense of pride while being the creator of your own food factory. 

Pop Off The Plates

Bold, loud, colours with exciting designs and eye-catchy patterns in order to demand your attention and create an extrovert vibe. These kitchen murals make you feel excited, joyful and take some time to get used to. The entire aura makes cooking fun. This is a sort of design, I will also suggest these shades for the dining spaces, to make the monotony of the weekdays feel lively. 

Unapologetically Original

In Hindi, the word ‘Hatke’ means something quirky and out of the box. It becomes a part of your personality and similarly, you deserve a kitchen that does the same as well. Racy, unique patterns and shades blending together with your colorful character. These murals are meant to be stared at, making your kitchen a place far away from being basic.

Envy for the Guests:

A mix of all of the three. Subtle yet bold, somber yet goofy, original yet familiar. You want your guests to remember what your apartment looks like. It makes waiting in the kitchen while the games are on slightly more bearable. It makes houseparties slightly more worth remembering. 

It is fast food and at the same time, homemade. 

Walking the line between Basicity and AbovePractical Kitchen

Being Basic refers to being practically sound and there is a thin line between basic and boring. These murals run well with any setting, furnishing, and appliance. The colors are adaptable, simple yet sufficient. They work well with any form of arrangement in the kitchen. They get the job done and do slightly more than that.

Being a millennial is not an easy job. Entering a new job, buying your first apartment, sharing a house, taking the first step as newlyweds in a new home, the number of things we expect from our homes can be endless. Kitchens can be the place to begin, practically because they are usually smaller in size hence perfect for a beginning. Also, the family that cooks with joy, lives with joy.