As the western culture seeped in, individual teenage bedrooms became a much-demanded requirement for folks in that particular age group. The ages of 13 to 19 is a flexible age that demands attention and social acceptance.

These demands often reflect the needs to be fulfilled in every aspect of their lives. Teenagers are the coming-of-age individuals that have a wide variety of tastes and choices, meeting all of whose might seem like a hassle. But let the worry of having the perfect teenage bedroom for yourself(if you are a teenager reading this) or your sons and daughters(if you are a parent) stop you from going through catalogs, for there are multiple and of a wide range.

Keeping that in mind, we have divided the tastes and choices for them into 4 workable ideas for teens to convert their teenage bedrooms into exactly what they want and how they want. So let’s get started.

Subtle yet edgy and stand out indefinitely: The new generation of teenage bedrooms

The Cool and The Classy: Teenage Bedrooms Amplified

Bold colors, linear but hazy seamless patterns with a dark overtone, these murals will impress the young and the old, the interested and the bored. They will stand out and gather attention because of their popping neon colors. It will take quite some time getting used to them, and hence would be perfectly fit for teenagers with lesser attention spans. Teenage Bedrooms haven’t been this exciting.

The Bold and The Absurd: The new generation of teenage bedrooms

The demand and likeability for absurdity among teenagers have grown quite a bit in the past decade. These are subtle yet edgy and stand out indefinitely. Uneven but carefully crafted color patterns, bright palettes, and super appealing shades make them an interesting choice. If standing out had always been a part of the plan, these murals take your bedrooms to the next level.

Side Walls: Adjacent Wall designs

Oftentimes, the walls behind the beds are expected to be simple and minimal. That is when one aims to impress via the walls adjacent to the bed. It will be the first sight in the morning with a colorful combination with the ceiling. Teenage bedrooms are always aimed to stand out and this does the job fairly well. Colorful shapes in linear patterns provide harmony to the background colors and make the living experience in teenage bedrooms far more exciting.

The Flora And The Fauna

Nature patterns have always been a trend. They are interesting to look at, applicable for everyone and equally impressive when used with the right color blends. Bold, flowery designs or subdued animal designs are not just pretty but also stand out to be impressive among the crowd.

Pop Culture Shenanigans: Customizable Wall Murals

Magicdecor ® offers something special, as it doesn’t limit you to the catalogue on the website. Today’s teenagers have grown up with The Avengers, The new set of DC Comics, or the New animes airing that season.

While many of them hang posters and take pride in being a part of pop culture fandoms for decades now, with the advent of non-toxic, economically sound wall murals, it’s time to elevate your rooms with them. Magicdecor ® offers customizable murals as a feature on its website. So all you need to do is upload your favorite image and make it a part of your background.

From the 3D Gears of Attack On Titan to the Avengers Assemble, Teenage bedrooms have never been cooler.